Favourite knitting bags?

IHO BoyforPele’s recent acquisition, what are some of your favourite knitting bags/purses/totes/etc.? The kind of thing that looks stylish enough to carry around on a daily basis?? I’ve taken a peek a Pele’s Timbu2 site, as well as Jordana Paige. Any other faves before I make the big decision???


I have the pink houndstooth Jordana Paige bag. I love it…it carries everything and the kitchen sink…though my afghan is going to be pretty close to too big soon i think! :rollseyes:

Ummm…buuuut i think because i do try to carry everything i own in it, it is starting to pull apart a little bit at one of the seams. i would be sadder about it if i weren’t finding it a good reason to get a new bag! heh

That bag looks so great!! I think I’m looking for something big enough for knitting, but not quite big enough for the kitchen sink!!

I’ve found the Namaste Messenger bag (it’s halfway down the page). Anyone have this bag? Good reviews? Bad reviews??

Brendajos, I am just like you - I’ll get something that I love, but at the first sign of wear, I think “alright, out with the old and in with the new!!”

I think it would be funny to knit a bag for knitting. I saw a felted one in a book (of course I just took book back to library and can’t remember which one it was in) that is meant to be a baby bag (very big) but would be great for knitting.

I intend to do just that. Though I haven’t found the bag pattern yet.

Have you guys seen a picture of KK’s Ultimate Knitter’s Bag? It’s like the booga bag times a hundred witha pocket; it’s [size=7]G I G A N T I C[/size] It literally has it’s own seat in the car.

Yeah, I did see KK’s bag and I think it looks amazing, but I think I’m after a disguiseable (is that a word??) bag, that can pass for a purse/handbag type thing. Boy, I’m picky, eh? Not too big, not too small, must pass for purse if seen on the street.

Thanks for the suggestions, everyone!! I’m waiting for wildforyarn’s review of the Namaste messenger bag (fingers crossed!!).

I like this bag http://www.lexiebarnes.com/collection/KLDB.htm its on my wish list :rofling:

ooo i wish that link showed the inside pockets

Well, I will have my Namaste Messenger Bag (chocolate) in hand by the end of next week I was told. So, I will send out a review when I have it in hand and have used it for a few days.

I currently own the JP Knitter’s Satchel in purple and like it, but it is just one big mess right now and does not have a very good divider, so I am not sure how I feel about it right now.

I also currently have (and am selling on Ebay) the JP Knitter’s Purse. I really like this purse, but am finding so many new ones, that I just can’t keep them all. I used it every day for everything. It was great. Not sure why it was discontinued. It has a great divider to put books, patterns, etc., on one side and project on another.

Otherwise, I have used various tote bags, etc., but nothing worth writing about. :wink:

not sure if ya meant the link I posted or not but off to the side if ya click Image Gallary it has inside pockets of the bag :smiley:

Well, I bought my knitting bag from Green Mountain Knitting Bags. They are so well made. Very nice!! :inlove:

Martha is the name of the lady that makes them. They are handmade. She puts new bags up on her site on Thurs. and Sun. You can custom order also…choose the fabrics, and style. You can even send her in fabric of your own.

After I bought one…I was sooo happy with it and it was so beautiful and well made; I bought a second smaller one. I just recieved my 3rd bag just yesterday. Again LOVE IT! :heart: Neways…

Here’s the link:



OTN: GAAA: square #2 (Ann McCauley), socks

i think i am actually going to order one of the green mountain bags. she had a pic of a bag on the site in a fabric that i loved so i contacted her to see if she had anymore and she does! :happydance: (fergit it! i ain’t tellin’ until that bag is in my hands!..lol. Someone on here knows but i know i am in no danger of her wanting it though i suppose of you got her that bag that looks like a bowling bag she might tell ya! :rofling: )

Just waitin’ to see what the Easter bunny brings before i go orderin’! :wink:

:shock: who me?? nah I wouldn’t tell my lips are sealed… I threw away the key… won’t reopen till you decide…

[size=1]ok so who wants to know? just hand over the bowling bag and the secret is yours[/size]


dustinac, I can see why that bag is on your wish list!! It’s gorgeous, inside and out!! I like the Mambo Red or Lime Ricky. :inlove:

I have a few differrent bags that I use for my knitting projects. I have one that is sort of a stiff bag and big and has very pretty fabric on it with short handles. Then I have one that is a black and white Toile tote bag and I use that often. I was given a big blue leather Ellen Tracy handbag that is way too big for me so I have used that also for some knitting projects to carry in. I guess I “collect” bags like I collect yarn. lol :XX: :XX:

I got a new bag on Saturday. I’ve found that bags for trainers are not a bad choice as they can carry a small project without too much trouble. Some even have little pockets inside (I assume for socks!).

Anyway I saw this one and it made me giggle so I got it (it was half price too!) The ropes pull together to close the top and make a pair of handles you can throw over your back like a little back pack!

I have two knitting bags from www.greenmountinknittingbags.com and I just love them. One is the demi and the other is a large carpet bag. I enjoy them so much!!

okay…i am officially sick…i just don’t know if it is the bags or the fact that they are knitting bags that is the problem…lol (though i do suspect it is the bags! :wink: )

so today i ordered the BoHo bag i have been obsessing about from Green Mountain. I picked the Lime Green and Raspberry Polka dot fabric that she had on the site…(i can’t see it on there right now.)

she said that it would take about 4-5 weeks for it to be done.

:shock: (You want me to wait HOW long?!)

soooooooooo i go to my sit n knit tonight and am hangin’ out and find myself staring at THIS…


yeah…the one on the right came home with me and i figure that in 4-5 weeks i will be bored with this one and ready for the next one! :rofling:

the only problem with that theory is that i am going to have a whole new home for all the bags that i will be collecting at that rate! :shock:

:inlove: ohhh that is pretty Brendajososos!!! I told you we have the same problem when you told me the JP was messing up… we can’t find that perfect bag that holds our interest to use everyday for the next year… I think the purse I’m using now is the longest one I have used… had it since Christmas and thats just cause dh surprised me with it… :rofling: now knitting bags always looking for a new one… its like shoes you can never have to many :thumbsup: need one for each day of the week… every outfit… only problem is I’m a SAHM and still feel the need for a new one :roflhard: