Favourite Cable Book

Ok so my birthday is coming up in a couple weeks (the 20th) and DH wants to know what I want. I fell in love with cabling a few months back, and I am really wanting to get a book full of cables. I have my eye on the Vogue Stitchionary 2 : Cables, but I was wondering your opinions on that book, or if you know of a book you consider to be a better cable resource.

I only yesterday cast on my first project in months, (ironically using the yarn I got LAST birthday… :teehee:) and I think this cardigan could use some beautiful cabling on the sleeves… We shall see.


I got Cables Untangled by Melissa Leapman as a gift last year and I love it. It has a wonderful cable dictionary in it as well as gorgeous patterns. One complaint is that it is all in chart form, so I have to translate the patterns (I’m not good with charts).

Thanks… I can’t stand charts so I guess that’s a book I won’t be looking at… :frowning: it’s too bad, but I always get confused with charts.

Me too- I hate them. The patterns are pretty and there are some awesome cables, but the charts kick my butt everytime. I have to write out the pattern before I start. Oh well, it’s a nice book!
The Harmony Guides are really nice. They have an aran version too. Hereit is on the US amazon site.

You should check your library and see if they have copies of Stichtionary and Harmony cable book.

It’s been a while since I had them both checked out, but I think the harmony book has more cables listed, I didn’t think all the photos were good (some cut off a portion of the design!?!) I think some had chart only, too. I’m pretty sure the Stitchionary has both chart & written for each cable.

I’m hoping my library will get Cables Untangled and Ready Set Cable so i can see them in person soon.

I have the Vogue stitchonary 2: cables, and I LOVE it. It has BOTH charted and written out directions, and SOOOOO MANY beautiful, easy to understand cables.

I just got the Harmony Guides Cables & Arans and all the patterns
have written out instructions and a few also have a chart with
them. I had hoped they would all have charts because that is
what I prefer…I’m glad to hear that Cables Untangled is in chart
form because I plan to get it for my bday coming up but was
worried I’d end up spending extra time making charts… funny what
different people prefer! :slight_smile:


I use barbara walkers charted knitting designs book. The charts are almost like pictures of the cables and there is a photo of the design too. If I have a pattern with written cable instructions I try to make a chart to follow. oh well, we all have our favorite ways of doing things.

I just ordered the Vogue Stitchionary Volume 2. I decided it was a good bet, with a book load of patterns with written instructions… why not? It’s my first knitting book… definitely excited to get it. I am hoping for Friday even tho they say the earliest is Monday. I tend to get mail a day earlier than most estimates. I assume this is because I live in a border city. Most mail needs to travel a day through this city to get to the rest of Ontario…:smiley:

That’s great to know you are getting something you will definitely enjoy. I think if I had purchased a book to find only charts I’d have a mini heart attack.

I like to keep my patterns in notepad, and I sit and knit on the couch. I turn the computer monitor to face me, and I can use the mouse to highlight the row I am on… With the chart I can’t do that…

Also I may remember for the first few rows how to read the chart, but by the 5th or 6th row I start reading right to left for every row… and then I had a big mess of a pattern. :teehee:

That’s why I like that we have so many options to choose from. Some people just can’t keep pace with written instructions, others (me) can’t follow a chart much farther than the 5th row before reading it wrong… or everyone in between who enjoy both, depending on the project. I remember reading a blog stating we all MUST read Lace patterns from a CHART. :oo: I felt bad… am I knitting wrong? lol. Then I realized everyone just has their style just like they have their taste. To me psso makes so much more sense then say a / that a chart might use… :slight_smile: