What are some of your favorite types of yarn and needles to work with. I know the project dictates the type of yarn and the type of yarn dictates the needles but I’m just curious about what you experienced knitters absolutely love. Stories about cool projects that came about because of a yarn type are also welcome :slight_smile:

Hiya Glitzy, well I love my INOX Bamboo needles and tend not to knit with anything else if I can help it. I’ve tried other brands of Bamboo but for some reason they just aren’t the same.

I also love a certain yarn called Zest made by Tivoli Spinners here in Ireland. I get a lot out of it as I sell the scarves I make with it. I am also planning a sweater in the same yarn and can’t wait to wear it!

I’m pretty easy when it comes to yarn though, and when I’m in my LYS I just can’t walk away without buying a ball or two! I just love the feel of soft yarns, chunky yarns, luxury yarns and so on and so on!

Lantern Moon needles are AWESOME! I also like Crystal Palace DPNs and Addi Turbo circulars. As for yarn, right now I’m making a shawl using Lorna’s Laces Helens Lace and it is knitting up like a dream!