Favorite young "tween" pattern sites?

I’ve been doing loads of searches for patterns for my 8yo daughter and turning up a few things. But I’m always sad when I click on a link for “children’s patterns” and there’s nothing but baby and toddler stuff. Can you help me add to my bookmarks by showing me your favorite older kid/tween pattern sites? Thanks bunches!! :hug:

I soooo know what you mean! My daughters are 7 and 11…both are kinda in between right now. I’m very interested in what others might have to say about this! I’ve been getting Creative Knitting and they always seem to have 1 or 2 good tween size patterns, they are usually pretty basic in design.

So ladies…any ideas? :teehee:

me too,my son is 12 & I can’t find anything!.

I really don’t think there are pattern sites catering to that specific age group. There are patterns and books though. Here’s a few books, but I’m sure there are more.