Favorite Yarn?

Hi everyone,

I’m a relative newbie at knitting - I learned basic techniques a long time ago, and am just starting to branch out into more complicated stuff (i.e. things that aren’t in straight lines and aren’t just knit and purl stitches! :lol: ) with the help of this website (thanks so much Amy!), and was wondering…

What is everyone’s favorite yarn(s)? Brand/type?

So far, I’ve used Plymouth and Catalina baby alpaca, Knitpicks Merino Style, and I have a skein of Noro Kureyon on the way. I’m curious to see what yarns are worth the time to try out!


Of for the love of all things holy. Pick a favorite yarn? I think my head is going to explode! There are too many to think about! :slight_smile:

welcome CindyH! :happydance:
I can’t just pick one. it really depends on the project.
for example - I’m in love with Koigu KPPPM texture and colors for squishy scarves. Noro Kureyon, Cascade 220 and KnitPicks Wool Of The Andes for felting.

Hi, I love all of KnitPicks yarns…but, my all time fave yarns are South West Trading Company yarns that can be found @ www.soy.com Some of their yarns are made from soy, some from bamboo…love it…my new fave, as the whole world knows…is theirKARAOKE! :wink:

I also vote for too, too, many. Rebecca got me turned on to the Karaoke and I made a scarf very similar to the one she linked to and I LOVE it, but merino is heavenly, as is alpaca, and for kid’s things I still stick with Encore. One of the joys of knitting for me has been the broad variety of materials out there, and I’ve only dipped my little toe into that ocean of fiber.

geesh, that is like asking me to pick my favorite fried potato product! tater tots? french fries? hash brown? it just can’t be done!

i love noro kureyon for felting purses - the colors are so much fun and so vibrant

i just finished a clapotis out of Lorna’s Laces Lion & Lamb - it wasn’t cheap, but it is oh so pretty

but at the end of the day, i do have to say, i am a Rowan Big Wool Ho - it’s great for a fast knit and i just love the stitch definition

LOL, jelly…u r a woman after my own heart…love taters…LOL, but must stay away :shock: …for they love me toooo much!!

Oh my…Karaoke is my current ‘fave’…it changes whenever I go to the LYS! There’s no telling what my new fave will be after we visit the LYS between here & Orlando after Christmas :thumbsup:

I looooooove the Catalina yarns (baby pima! they’re 30 minutes from me!) but I’d have to say that it was love at first stitch: Malabrigo wool. :smiley: The knitpicks alpaca blends are all wonderful too…and Rowan Soft Baby…mmm…and, and and…

Thanks for the suggestions so far! :figureditout: I’m already intrigued…

I’m looking for any yarn suggestions, because I pretty much want to try everything!! After hearing people’s favorites, I’ll probably be making many many yarn purchases… :sunny: