Favorite Tools Besides Needles and Crochet Hook


For knitting, we all need needles and one can debate forever what is the best type and brand of needles. Most also use a crochet hook for fixing dropped stitches. Then there are optional tools that we might find handy. What are your favorite tools?

Mine are:

  • stitch markers.
  • a ruler with holes for measuring needle sizes.


I love all kinds of darning needles. (I have way more than I need because I keep losing them, buy more and then find the “lost” ones) And stitch markers. But my FAVORITE tools of all time are


I have all shapes and sizes, colors and variety!!! Some with zippers and some without!! Can’t pass by a purse display in the store without stopping to look and decide which one would be great for knitting!!



I love row counters, particularly the Clover ones where you just click once, rather than the round ones you have to turn 2 wheels to change the count. I know several people who write down all the rows then tick them off, but row counters are much easier. I also love point protectors, although I think I’m the only knitter I know who uses them!


GrimMarg: I did my first in-the-round DPN project about 10 years ago, and I am doing my second one now. I got point protectors the first time, so my metal needles wouldn’t slide right out. Other knitters, though, look at them like they’ve never seen such a thing! The name doesn’t really match the purpose, but I can’t even think of using DPNs without them.


I haven’t done much with DPNs except the tops of hats. But I use the point protectors on my circulars all the time. I’ve seen new knitters stab their needles into their work to put in their project bag, and I almost gasp out loud. All that work and needles jammed into it!


I really like my little spring-wound tape measure. It can be used to measure anything up to five feet, even curved edges (which a ruler can’t), but it’s tiny and lightweight and you can buy them in sewing shops for pennies.

I’m generally not one for knitting accessories in general. Most of the things I use are just repurposed odds and ends or borrowed from other uses, like using waste yarn for stitch holders or using a flute as a nostepinne.


Tote bags and stitch markers. I knit and crochet, and I find I need different types of markers for each one.