Favorite sock pattern

I’m wondering what everyone’s favorite sock pattern is. I have always used the one in The Knitter’s Handy Book of Patterns and that worked well. I got some gorgeous sock yarn for Christmas and tried the Paton’s Kroy Jacquard and Stripes Sock Pattern because I thought it looked nice, but boohoo it was way too big around my ankle so I (gasp) ripped out my sock. :shock: I probably will just use my old faithful pattern, but I’m curious what others use.

I like making socks, and knitting in the round. I don’t have a favorite pattern, though. I surf the sites and copy whatever looks interesting, or add cables and fancy stitches to a plain pattern. For my heavy-duty socks, I like the long-wearing flap heel, over-the-calf, 2x2 ribbing from top to ankle. For the kids and my Sunday-go-to socks, I (and the kids) prefer the short-row heel. I usually knit top-down, and close with kitchener.
KNIT ON !! :thumbsup: