Favorite sock pattern?

Just curious what your favorite sock pattern is?

OMGoodness, why don’t you say which is my favorite child?!
LOL, I forgot to even answer…LOL! I would have to say that I like designing socks as I knit them…as for some faves… :?? I really enjoyed knitting my Leaves of Whimsy socks because of the lace.
Then there’s the very popular Cascading Leaves socks that can be found on the TownsendSocksKAL on Yahoo…I’ve knit several of these, and the list goes on and on and on…I enjoy knitting socks that have a lace or cable pattern.

I’m such a creature of habit…I’m just a Sock Class girl. I love just being able to grab some yarn and go!

Occasionally I’ll knit socks with more complex patterns, but really, one of the things I love about knitting socks is that they’re so portable and require little concentration. Having to lug a pattern and pay attention to it really takes away from that for me. :roflhard:

Yep, I love silver’s sock pattern too. When I wear socks, it’s about the feel and the fit so those socks are perfect for me. :yay:

I like this for a basic, no-nonsense sock:

I use a fingering weight yarn, though, casting on 56, 60, or 64 sts (usually on size 2) depending on the wearer’s size (I aim for 7.5-8 sts per inch). I also work the cuff and leg to a total of 7-8 inches, and make the toe a little more rounded, like “Joan’s Favorite Toe”, here:

My two favorites so far have been Becka’s “Leaves of Whimsy” and the “Really Cool Socks”.