Favorite Places to purchase yarn on the internet

Hi Everyone,

I was wondering where everyone purchases their yarn.

I am very new to knitting, only a couple of months now and am just learning about ALL the different types of yarns.

What I hope to learn from everyone is:

*Where they purchase their yarn (internet or brick and mortor)
*What types of yarn they purchase (brands) and why
*Or just anything you would like to share about your favorite yarns to work with.


Wow, everything for me is project-dependent. Usually, though, I go with KnitPicks (KP around here) because their prices are so good. If I can’t find what I want there, then I wander around WEBS. I also visit Hobby Lobby if I need acrylic or acrylic blends for something. WEBS and KP are great places to start online, and you can branch out from there. Happy shopping!

I also love to shop at our very own Kemp’s store, DivaKnitting, she has a great selection and fabulous prices :cheering:

Then, we have KPixie and Angelika’s Yarn Store and the ever popular Elann, to name but a few :wink:

Here are 3 of my fav places


I am going to have wayyy too much fun the next few evening. Now where did I put my wallet. I love shopping like this, my hubby never nows just how much I have purchased. The shipments usually never arrive on the same day. :teehee:

Hey - I love Halcyon Yarn too - So I tried your link and think there is a typo, it should be http://www.halcyonyarn.com

…now where was my CC…

99% of the time I do brick and mortar. I guess I want to see and feel and get the real sense of the color. I can’t wear wool at all, and don’t have the budget for the $10 for 1.5 oz sort of thing, so most of what I buy isn’t from one of the more upscale companies-- almost all of their yarns have at least a percentage of wool in them-- and I can find more acryllic in brick and mortar. (And why don’t more companies make wool-less sock yarn???) I don’t like Michael’s. The ones in SE Pennsylvania don’t have a huge yarn selection. Joann’s is pretty good, but AC Moore is the best.

I like kyarns.com too.

Other favs are Knitpicks, WEBS, and Kpixie

I like to get laceweights on cones - and Sarahsyarns is the best place I’ve found for that.

It varies for me. I prefer to touch my yarn when I buy it, so I prefer to go to a LYS (www.kathys-kreations.com is my local store). But I will sometimes order online with WEBS (yarn.com), and I’ve also ordered through Ebay, particularly when I know exactly what I want or when what I want has been discontinued.

At the moment, though, I’m trying to knit through my stash.

The best way to try new yarns, though, is through one of KH’s swaps. My swapper sent me some beautiful yarns which I had never tried before and I had a lot of fun playing with them. (:muah: MaryKz!)