Favorite Patterns for Texas Baby

Hooray! We are expecting a new grandchild in Texas!

My dear DIL wants knitted/crocheted things. I’m a Northerner and somehow my many sweater patterns, even for newborns, seem as if they will be too heavy.

I would love suggestions regarding yarns and patterns that are Texas-friendly. They are in Houston.

Thanks so

I always suggest Christine’s baby booties. http://www.fuzzygalore.biz/patterns/cbbooties.shtml

they knit up so quickly and everyone just thinks they are amazing. I make them all the time just for fun because they are just so darn cute when they are done. I love to have a finished pair around just to look at.
Good luck and congrats!

[COLOR=DarkOrchid][SIZE=3][FONT=Comic Sans MS]Sweaters, hats and fulled slipper/shoes are still needed for outdoor wear. When is the baby due? Make sweaters in sizes for cooler weather…say October - February.

Cotton blankets are good for summer babies as are cotton shirts, shorts, etc. Soakers if she’s using cloth diapers.