Favorite online yarn stores?

I have never ordered yarn online and was wondering who anyone has used that is dependable and safe? I am especially interested in that" Classic Worsted Tapestry" by Universal?


I really like knitpicks.com and littleknits.com. I’ve also ordered from yarnmarket.com, personalthreads.com, tangleonline.com and had good experiences with them as well. Little Knits has the Classic Worsted Tapesty that you mentioned. HTH

I’ve ordered from KnitPicks, with wonderful results. KP has been highly recommended by others on this site, so I felt comfortable ordering from there. I’m glad you posted this because I’ve been wondering about other sites.

I found some Swedish yarns that I want but can’t get at my LYS or from KP. I’ve found a few stores online that carry these yarns, but I don’t know anything about these places, so I’m hesitant to place an order.

What do we need to look for to alleviate concerns for security when we do online shopping? One of my co-workers told me that what I need to worry about is what the company does with my credit card information after the purchase. Do they delete it, or do they store it somewhere? How can we find this out?

I’ve used smileysyarns quite a few times with no problems at all.

I was just looking around Little Knits and saw that they have the yarn you’re looking for. I love that place–[I]never[/I] a problem.


I’ve ordered from Yarn Market, KnitPicks, Discount Yarn Sale, and Jimmy Beans. I’ve had good luck with all!

I’ve ordered from schoolhousepress, halcyon yarns and woolgirl without any problems. Woolgirl has a wonderful selection of sock yarns and hand dyed yarns and good sales. Her packages arrive all wrapped up in tissue paper with a hand written note and little extras tucked in. Schoolhouse press has a wonderful selection of traditional wools in many, many colors. Halcyon yarns has a wonderful selection also. Yarn country is also a great place I have ordered from with out any problem.

I placed an order with jimmybeanswool.com and although my yarn is backordered, they let me know that right away and it’s no big deal.

I also placed an order with woolneedlework.com and it shipped less than two days after I placed the order! I’ll let you know how everything looks when it arrives…I’m excited!

I was disappointed with WEBS after all the hype - it took 3 weeks to get my order without any communication from them and one was sold out that they didn’t tell me about until I saw it on the invoice so I had to order that from somewhere else. To their credit, they did say if I wanted to return the order, they would pay for shipping, but I didn’t return it because I did want the yarn (that’s why I ordered it) - I just told them that I wanted to know if an order was backed up and if a yarn sold out prior to shipping the rest of the order.


awesome shop

I’ve ordered from dreamweaveryarns.com love them. i love littleknits.com also yarnmarket is also great

OOOH, LOVE that yarn!!! Might have to try it!!!

I order “online” all the time and have never had a problem.

My FAVORITE place is ebay, you can get some great deals but you do have to watch the prices.
I also buy from
littleknits.com-as others have said GREAT service
discontinuedbrandnameyarns.com- you can get some great deals
yarn.com- I have never had any trouble with Webs

Knitpicks.com-they ship super fast

elan.com-they have some good deals as well and ship fast

I know I am not the original poster, but thank you all for the recommendations. I have absolutely no yarn shops anywhere close to me. I had not thought about buying yarn on-line. Makes sense though – you can get everything else on-line!

Thanks again!