Favorite online yarn sources?

I live in a rural area and I unfortunately don’t have access to stores with good quality yarn (there’s Jo-ann fabrics or Walmart:pout: ). I hate buying yarn online because first of all, you can’t feel it, and second of all, there is so much to choose from! But, alas, I’m going to try buying yarn online anyway.

So, I’m looking for a nice soft wool (fit for an infant) that is reasonably priced.

Anyone have any favorite online yarn sources that you’d like to share?

I love knitpicks.com and littleknits.com the best.

I have used both… Patternworks and Herrschners:


I just know that when I see a yarn that I want - I’ll compare prices and shipping and handling against other suppliers - don’t want to pay more than I have to.

Here are a couple of online stores I’ve used and had good experiences with:

[COLOR=#552867]And of course, littleknits.com is great.[/COLOR]

I buy 95% of my yarn online and have had great dealings with








www.smileysyarns.com (min purchase req)

There are more, I usually sit down with my current IK and go to their web addys and look around but usually wind up back to these places to shop from. These are in no particular order. Just whoever has what I want at the best price.

I suffer the same problem you do. It takes me 20min just to get to a walmart that is cutting their craft department.:!!!: And over an hour to get to Micheals and another 10ish min from there to a JoAnns.:nails: Thats all I got so I use the online route mostly. Its cheaper in shipping than gas. On top of that, These stores don’t sell what I want most of the time.

Dale of Norway Baby Ull is a soft superwash wool.
I have not used it myself but have heard its nice.
I used Bernat Cottontots for a little dress I made my newborn niece and it was very nice.

I hope this helps
Happy Christmas knitting!!

http://yarn.com (Webs is the store name) has great prices on close out yarns, and you can often find some great bargains there. Most yarns that are acryllic/wool blends are pretty soft. Because of the blend, you can also machine wash it, which is handy for infants, too. I did a search there for washable wools and wool blends and found 40 matches. I wasn’t sure what weight or colors you were looking for, so I stopped there. The Filatura di Crosa Kiss yarn looked pretty, though.

Edited to add: I also live in the middle of nowhere, about 40 miles from any good yarn shop. Last week I was within 10 miles of one when I was traveling, and I drove out of my way to spend $87 on pattern books and yarn for 3 scarves.

I have also used Jimmy Beans Wooland have had wonderful products and great service.

I have only bought from knitpicks.com, but I was pleased with what I got and will purchase from them again for sure.

I LOVE yarn market! I can usually find what I need from ym.

I like Yarn Market and also Webs the most.

I’ve purchased from eBay and knitpicks several times and have been very pleased with my purchases.



There’s a sliding discount starting at 50.00 if I remember correctly and flat rate shipping.

I’ve had good luck with an eBay online store called Toadal Discount Yarn–reasonable shipping costs and very fast, and a great selection.

[COLOR=Navy][B]WEBS[/B][/COLOR]…you can always count on WEBS! (AKA www.yarn.con)

I like littleknits.com. Great selection and wonderful prices. Responsive customer service as well.

I so know what you all go through to get a skein of yarn. :wink: I am about 20 min from the nearest wal mart and about an hour from hobby lobby and that is all I have unless Jonesboro AR has a Jo Ann’s I am not sure about that maybe I need to check into that. I went to Hobby Lobby yesterday and spend 58.00 on 5 skeins of various yarns for small projects and a pattern book and some material for a play pad for my DGS. I got a sales add from Herschners and I am seriously considering buying from there so I am glad that several of you liked it. That makes me more confident that I will.

How about affordable needles and accessories do these places also have these things? The sales add had very few of these in it. Also, I am looking at buying a ball winder. Does anyone have any suggestions on a good one?

Needles and accesories are at these locations and at a wide range of prices.

A ball winder will run you around 20 to 30 dollars if you shop around. I just bought one for just under $30. My friend found one at a farm auction for $5 still in the box!! :noway:

I would watch ebay. Thats where I got some of my needles and sometimes you can catch a good deal on a ball winder. (i watched for a while but just broke down and bought one from a retailer) Not to mention the deals you can find on yarn.

http://store.knitting-warehouse.com/saleitems.html has ball winders on sale.

Little Knits is great. My orders always have a handwritten personal little note. I’m in the Ravelry group and the folks who work there are in the group. It’s cool.