Favorite online/etailer places to buy yarn? :)

Favorite online/etailer places to buy yarn? :slight_smile:

Ahhhh, I have a few…of course, the 1st store that comes to mind is our very own Kemp’s store, divaKnitting, and KnitPicks, KPixie and Elann to name but a few :cheering:

I have been to DivaKnitting, KnitPicks, and Elann and been very happy with all of them!

I don’t have to order online from these people but I have been in their store when they are dealing with online orders and i do like what i see. I would have no hesitation ordering online from them (but it would be silly for me since I can drive there…sheesh!) www.PersonalThreads.com

The site isn’t great but they have a GREAT selection and good sales when they have them! :thumbsup:

Eeeeh! Love knitpicks too. :wink: I love their “elegance” (baby alpaca and silk) yarn. YUMMY! :slight_smile:

I’d add Yarnzilla and Yarn Market to the list. I’ve ordered from both and have been very happy.

I’ve only ever bought from KP and always had good results, plus they’re all I can afford right now :teehee:

p.s. elann is another nice relatively inexpensive source. :wink:


Never had a bad experience with any of them and I’ve ordered from several. Let me tell you about my last order, okay-next to last cause I got in on the sale at Knit Picks too :heart: . I ordered Mountain Colors from Fuzzy Mabel’s. Plus some MC Bearfoot for socks. She filled my order in lickity split time plus she emailed that she only had two skeins of MC in the colorway I ordered. I had ordered three. She got MC to dye up three skeins for me and mail them to me directly. It was here in about a week and the yarn is wonderful. Most of the places I’ve ordered from have just told me, “Sorry, we only have 2 (or whatever) of that yarn.” I think Fuzzy Mabel is going to get a whole lot of my business from now on.

I had a super experience with Fuzzy Mabel too…they had some yarn I couldn’t get and I needed to match a dye lot for a sweater that was already 5/6 finished. I emailed to ask if they had the particular dye lot (they did by some miracle!) and they sent it right away. Very nice of them to go around checking to see if they could match the dye lot.