Favorite Non-Knitting Forums

I’m a forum and craft junkie - absolutely addicted!

My favorite stamping and scrapbooking forum is http://splitcoaststampers.com I hang out in the scrapbook chat thread mostly. But there are tons of great stamping and scrapbooking resources there.

I’ve just been introduced to http://crochetville.org I haven’t joined yet. Trying really hard to resist. But as the Borg say, ‘Resistance is futile!’

And I was just wondering if there is a great quilters’ forum out there somewhere. Any suggestions?

If you have a favorite non-knitting forum, post here and we’ll make a list. :slight_smile:

I visit the gardenweb.com forum quite a bit. They have lots of non gardening forums as well

I am always at www.christianmomsforum.com, but I also like www.diaperswappers.com, www.thebabywearer.com and a private board for my local MOPs group.

My favorite board is www.parent-2-parent.com It is mainly a board for parents of kids who have special GI issues (like reflux, tube fed, etc) but there are all sorts of different forums there.

I’ve been known to pop up on the Linux forums, especially Linux Questions.

There are forums that aren’t about knitting???:whoosh:

Unfortunately, the only “discussion” forums, other than KH, that I visit are my school site. I’m in the midst of finals and am just loathing my visits there. Two more terms to go, though, and then I can devote all of my forum time here! :thumbsup:


I am training to be a court reporter, so the sites I visit besides KH all have to do with court reporting and broadcast captioning.

I have belonged to a weight loss forum called
www.3fatchicks.com for several years and love it. It is a huge forum that covers every diet you can think of along with any support you would need for losing weight. I used to administer a thread there, but after about 3 years it started dwindling down to nothing so I closed it. I now only belong to one which is very small but all ladies in my general age range.

You should have a look at Crafters.org. There are some really creative people on all the different topics. I was having fun yesterday reading the ‘Making Purses’ topic. Cheers

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That’s what my sister does! She used to be a court reporter and now she does CC at home. She loves it! She goes into her office, puts on her headphones (to gets the feed a few seconds early) and captions her heart away.


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Do they have to be crafty?

www.pinecam.com is a community forum where locals gripe about restaurants and taxes and tell bad jokes. I love it. That’s the main one I visit.