Favorite Non-Knitting Blogs and Websites?

The Google reader thread got me thinking about the blogs and such that i read now that are non-knitting related and I started wondering what great funny and informative blogs or websites you all love that I may be missing.

www.postsecret.blogspot.com I check every sunday!
www.VergeNewMedia.com is written by an NBC cameraman and has very cool behind the scenes blogging.
http://melissamaples.com/ Girl living in Turkey… thoughtful and often quite funny.
http://www.mistershades.co.uk/ guy from scotland who won my heart when i got a mention in his blog for telling him to stop killing kittens! :wink:
http://www.beachwalks.tv/ Woman video blogs from Hawaii almost daily. If nothing else worth watching just for the scenery
http://blogs.chron.com/beltwayconfidential/ White House journalist who blogs in a somewhat snarky manner. Kind of feels like we are getting inside look of DC from her. Fun!

OOOH and these are a couple of my favorite blogs that coordinate with a couple of my favorite podcasts.

http://tinyurl.com/2m3kjq Living Green

Both are Greenie websites![B] ;)[/B]


I can NOT believe i forgot to tell you about this one. I LOVE this blog. He can be a little bit vulgar in his language so don’t say I didn’t warn you. I often laugh so hard at his posts that I cry though.


Okay I think that is all I have for now. what are yours?

I am very new to the whole blogging world… and these so far are the only two blogs of non-knitting content that i read with regularity


both are centered on birthing through natural childbirth and written by midwives. :smiley: this would be a wonderful thing to be a part of… hmmm

anyhow! thanks for this post brenda

Love it!

I absolutely love these sites:

I’m completely addicted to them! :teehee:

http://alpineberry.blogspot.com Foodie’s blog.

I read several. Here’s a sampling:

http://allthingsanderson.blogspot.com (b/c I :heart: Anderson Cooper!)
http://www.stuffonmycat.com and sister site http://www.stuffonmymutt.com
http://www.neilgaiman.com/journal (b/c I :heart: Neil Gaiman!)
http://www.brotherhood2.0.com/ (the brothers Green are hysterical!)

http://www.slaphog.com/sarahblog/ she does spin yarn, but i read it for her farm. i want a farm just like hers.

I read the Neil Gaiman Journal too :slight_smile:

I can’t sew at all but I love A Dress a Day
Rathbone Images is the blog of our wedding photographers. I love their photography so much that I keep up with their blog.
Poems, Prose, and Poetry is the life of graduate school, literature, and grammar.
Barbara’s Blog is written by Barbara Ehrenreich
I also have my google reader set to show me any news about Sesame Workshop.


If you like dadgonemad you will probably like her… I saw his through a link on her blog… to me – she is freakin’ hilarious, but sometime along the more honesty than some people can stand side (cussing, etc.). Probably not for the faint of heart…

Non-knitting highlights in my feed:

Cyanide & Happiness webcomic (just one of many I read, but the only one in Google Reader.)
Geoffrey Chaucer Hath a Blog (Be fore-warned: This one’s in Middle English.)
I Can Has Cheezburger LOLCATS!
BookSquare An author writing about publishing.
Malcolm Gladwell, author of [I]The Tipping Point[/I] and [I]Blink[/I]. He hasn’t updated in ages. :pout:
Neil Gaiman Even if I didn’t love his books, I’d love his blog.

I love postsecret!!

Three of the best written/funniest blogs on the 'net
Psycokitty - Yes, it’s written by a cat
Bitchypoo - How can you not read a blog called Bitchypoo? As evidence that she is indeed hilarious, please read her post, The Frog.
Vituperation - Bitchypoo’s husband, Fred

postsecret is amazing and so powerful. thanks for sharing it. i wonder how i never heard of it before!

She is funny, down to earth, and her photography is [U][B]amazing[/B][/U]. [U][B]:inlove:[/B][/U]

She also recently began a cooking blog to share her yummy recipes.

Be warned, they are [I][B]not[/B][/I] low-fat. :shock: They are yummy, though.

I’ve made about three of her dishes. She has close-up, step-by-step colorful photos with each recipe, and she’s funny there, too. :lol:

I read Neil Gaiman too. :heart: I tend to go for funny stuff so I also read:

Say No to Crack
Random Good Stuff <- Great for boredom busters.
Gorilla Sushi
bobbarama dot com
My Boyfriend is a Twat
xkcd <- My favourite geeky web comic
Savage Chickens <- Another web comic

There are lots more but these are just some I can remember off the top of my head. :happydancing:

Renna, I loooove Pioneer Woman too – she is sooo flippin’ funny. I spent like a whole night reading through her archives…I laughed til I cried. :roflhard:

And omg, the tenderloin :inlove: