Favorite Needle Brand

What is your favorite Needle brand and why?

I chose Addi because I love to knit with them. The cords are supple, the needles are slick and they don’t wear out.

You might want to add Options to your poll, though, they are getting rave reviews from Addi users.

I chose clover, because I love bamboo needles. Especially for DPN’s.

yup i placed a Null vote cuz my favorites are the Denise interchangeables! you are going to hear some fussing if you don’t add those and Options! :wink:

My vote used to be addi’s, but that has been surpassed by KnitPicks Options :cheering: They are slick, point, interchangeable, what more can a girl ask for?!

KP fixed needles are awesome, if they hold up to my absue as well as Addi. Havent tried the options yet.

Well, I voted for Addi Turbo, but I also like Addi Natura, my Denises and my Brittanys!!!

I guess I’m one of those um, fussers. Here I go with my fussing: :-x :grrr: :tap: :nails: :!!!:

:rofl: Hey, fussing’s fun! I get to use emoticons I’ve never tried before!

Seriously, though, I like Denise and Options. They both have good customer support, which is a definite plus. :thumbsup:

I have always used what was availble at my LYS, which is Susan Bates. They are ok, not my favorite. I have bought some KP classic circulars and I love them! I am asking for the Options set for Christmas.

I guess my next favorite would be Bryspun.

I would have voted “Denise” until I got my Options in the mail yesterday. I only had time yesterday to knit one row on my shawl with them, but I can see that they could easily overtake Denise in my heart. :slight_smile:

I haven’t gotten the options needles yet (although I’m pretty sure I’m going to ask my husband to get them for me for Christmas) but so far my favorites are Boyes. I like their interchangeables better than their straights, but I’m a fan of both.

I also like Susan Bates Silvalume.

I’ve only tried addi turbos once and I really don’t like them. The points are way too dull for me to work with.

:rofl: I guess I’m another fusser… I really like my Denises… and use them on everything which right now all my cords are in use… I want to start new projects and can’t :oops: I’m gonna get the options set too prolly for Christmas…

My Denise set is my favorite. Before I bought them I loved bamboo and wooden needles. But now I mostly use my Denise and I am content. :hug:

Addi Turbo circs, Clover bamboo DPNs.

sometimes I use Clover straights when Addis are too slick for the yarn.

I like my addis but reallly like my denises too! Sure would like to get a set of options for Christmas…humm, guess I’d better start my list to Santa. :teehee:

A moderator, can you edit the pole and include Options and Denise, because, not being a moderator, I cannot edit poles after anybody has voted in them

Options all the way! :muah: :muah: I had some Boye that I picked up at Ball Fart, but I didn’t like them much. I’m sooooooo much happier now.

If I had unlimited money, I’d always knit with Lantern Moon. Their straights are beautiful (I have 1 pair) and despite the join on their Destiny circulars (which I don’t like), I like the cable and the wood so much I’d still take it.

Not being independently wealthy, for my money I like options. Feel good needles at a good price.

Lantern Moons are my favorite straights. I thought I would never go back to Addis after I got my first Denise set, but I’m finding myself grabbing my Addis more often now. For most of my work, I prefer the dull tip of Addis. I save the Denises for stitch work that needs a pointier tip.

I’m a new knitter and Canadian. So far I’ve tried Boye needles and Aero needles. Though I’d like to try Clover and Addi sometime too…

I find right now that I like my Aero needles the best. The Boye needles are too slippery to me (though I’ve heard that if I get more practice I will like aluminum better…).

I wish there was an “Other” option, as I would choose it. :slight_smile: