Favorite Mitten Pattern?

I’m looking for a mitten pattern, preferably in the round. I’ve only made one mitten before and I’m determined to actually get a pair done this time. I figure if I try it in the round, it’ll help keep me from getting tired of the sweater I started yesterday!

I saw a good intro on knitty.com (http://www.knitty.com/ISSUEfall05/FEATmittens101.html), I’ve not tried it, but it looks like a really good introduction to knitting mitts and getting them the right size.

Hope that helps.

I think your brave, any small hole making scares me, the socks make me nervous though I am about ready to give it a go. There is always help here , did you see punkhipps pics of her mittens?

The only pattern I’ve ever used is the one I got out of a recent copy of FCEK. It’s the one with the fair isle style mitten on the cover. Fall '05 maybe? It’s not the Winter/Holiday one for sure. I can look it up tomorrow morning {it’s past 1 am here, and I really should be in bed! 6 am comes fast!}. It has a very basic mitten pattern done with WW yarn in it that’s got kids and adult sizes, as well as instructions on how to jazz them up with stripes, colour blocking, and of course the fair isle pattern!

I have done several sets of mittens from the book Felted Knits. I know a group of people here in town that get together and knit each week while the kids play together, and I think all of them have used the pattern in the book. They are really pretty easy and since they are felted, they are soft, thick and warm. It is also very easy for a beginner like myself since the felting covers a multitude of errors!

Ohhh, I forgot about that knitty article!
Thanks, everyone. :slight_smile: :heart: