Favorite Men's Sweater pattern

It is finally time to make something for my DH! He’s been pestering me about it for awhile, but I’ve been overwhelmed at the thought of something big! So far, all I’ve knitted is dishclothes, diaper covers, hats, and felted bags! All fairly small, simple projects. I figure if I start on a sweater for him now, I can have it done by next fall! :wink:

He’s wanting a basic pullover. Any suggestions for me on a pattern to go with?

I haven’t knit any clothing yet either but I have been eyeing this pattern


Two that I think look good and are a little challenging but not too scary :slight_smile:
or you could make him choose his own from a site like this…
I’m going through the same thing with my DBF and he’s sooo picky, which I guess is good, since it’s gonna take me a year to finish it. :wink:
Good luck and have fun!

Ask him what he wants and don’t settle for “a sweater”. Find out color, pull over or cardigan and everything else you can think of. Take (or force) him into a yarn store to feel the yarns.

I like textured stitch type patterns and I really want an Aran cabled sweater but my abilities aren’t there yet and I haven’t really seen a pattern that was it (sweaters, yes but no patterns).
Here are 2 that are in my future plans.

This one is OTN but I’m not totally sure if I’ll wear it or give it away.
Think Mr Rogers, plain is a good thing IMO.

One thing is for sure, you need to find out exactly what he wants or he probably won’t wear it (unless it’s out of love).

I’ve been looking and looking for a good sweater for my DH, one that he could unbutton or unzip, since MS has fried his hypothalmus. Avast would be just perfect.

Sarastan would be good for my son, and I may make it first.

Thanks for the sites!