Favorite knitting magazines

what are yours, and why? have you read the new vogue knit.1? the 2nd one doesn’t come out till spring though… what did you think? i was thinking of asking for a subscription to a zine for x-mas, but i can’t narrow it down.

Rebecca magazine is wonderful :smiley:


That looks like a cool magazine. I’ve peeked at the ones on the rack, but all of them are just not “fun” enough for me. I want cool patterns, and irreverant humor. :lol:

The new Knit.1 is pretty cool. It’s by Vogue Magazine I believe. It just started recently. It’s not a huge mag but I thought a lot of the stuff was cool and they had lots of cool accessories. Once you guys get to know me you’ll learn I’m alllll about the accessories!

Just got knit1 mag and Rebecca 28, 29 to come soon!


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xo Roxy aka Anne

My favorite magazine right now is Creative Knitting (http://whitebirches.com/site/publication_pages/knitting.html) because they have a layout on the final page with all the patterns in the magazine and what page they are on. I pull it out and put it in my pattern organizer with the name and date of the magazine so it makes it easy to find when I’m picking a pattern.

I also like Interweave Knits (http://interweave.com/knit/default.asp) and Knitter’s (http://knittinguniverse.com/) for the great styles and articles.

Vogue has nice styles, but it’s kind of expensive for the little you get, IMHO.

What magazine would you reccomend for a beginner? I’m very, very new to knitting. I briefly flipped through Vogue Knitting but I haven’t seen any others.


I would recommend Creative Knitting. I’ve only been knitting for a few months and found the instructions for most of the patterns I looked at pretty easy to understand.

I haven’t found any good knitting magazines in Ireland :frowning: Well, I found one UK mag that wasn’t great, and one mag for machine knitting.

I’m very depressed.

Thanks, Kathy! I’ll definitely check it out. :slight_smile:

for a beginner i would also suggest the family circle knitting magazine. don’t be too put off my the family circle name. the magazine is pretty good.

Thanks a bunch!