Favorite Knit of 2007

I love my [B][COLOR=Sienna]Lace Smoke Ring!!![/COLOR][/B]

When I pull a scarf up over my nose, my glasses FOG up. Even a lace scarf bunches and the glasses fog up.

With this, NO FOGGED glasses!!!:woohoo:This is bus stop nirvana for my nose. cloud9
I did this one in kid mohair. My next one is in baby suri alpaca.


I haven’t used lace yet, but I’m tempted to try.

Great job!!!:thumbsup:

i wil try it!

Wow that looks wispy! Was it hard to work with?

I like it!
And I like brown, it’s such a warm color.

I love the smoke rings…and have been wanting to make myself one…

My favorite knit was the Snowflakes socks that are in Interweave’s Fall edition…I made a pair for myself and then my mom (that my daughter is wearing the reason why the toes look weird is cause they are empty) :teehee:

[B][COLOR=DarkRed]Thank you[/COLOR][/B]:aww:
OMG dustinac those Snowflakes socks are gorgeous! :inlove:
You know you love it when you will knit it more than once.
How much time did these bad boys take you?

knit2btied, the Smoke ring is an easy repeat. The mohair has gotten hairier as time goes by.:teehee:

[FONT=Arial Black][SIZE=3][COLOR=DarkRed]Come on everybody, show me what you got![/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]


Thank you! I can’t believe that I forgot to mention how pretty yours is!! :wall: …I’m sorry about that :hug: …it’s very pretty and delicate…I love the shade you chose too…How long did it take? You make me want to start mine but I gotta remeber to finish up my other stuff lol…

The first pair took from 11/02/07 to 11/06/07…the 2nd pair I got side tracked after finishing the first and it took a month :teehee: …I think I want to make 1 more pair :yay:

You are super fast!:knitting:

Smoke ring is an eight round repeat. I did 15 set.
I did 2 sets a night.

Wow, both the smokering and the snowflake socks are gorgeous. I’m not up to that caliber of knitting - yet :slight_smile: - but my favorite 2007 projects were all the socks I made and got good at. Socks were new to me in '07. My favorite (so far) project in 2008 was my very first sweater!!! I’m really proud of myself and can’t wait to try another one. I will say, however, that I don’t have a problem paying $30-$40 for a sweater anymore after I factor how much it would actually cost me to make the same thing (is that bad?). :eyebrow:

My favorite was a tie between the Branching Out Scarf and Cheaters which are a very simple pattern for wristwarmers. I don’t have access to photos now (I’m at work cough cough) but will post from home.
I love both the items posted already! I have been so tempted to try that smokering and no fogged glasses you say??? I think it’s going on my list now. :knitting: