Favorite kinds of Knitting needles questions

Hi.:grinning: i love my boye almunium knitting needles.:heart_eyes: I was wondering what kinds of knitting needles( like steel,plastic or bamboo wood ) do you guys like and why ?:thinking:Which is a better steel, plastic or wood?I love my steel ones But i don’t like how it is so heavy:slightly_frowning_face:

One is not better than another it all comes down to personal choice so you’re going to get a dozen different answers. If you’re thinking of getting new needles and aren’t sure what type I suggest investing in one set/size or trial set. That way you can test without spending a lot of money. I have several singles that I bought for that reason.

—I prefer circular needles and use them for 99% of everything I do. The other 1% would probably be DPN.
— For circulars I use both nickle plated and birch/wood depending on what is available in my needles and the what is best for the fiber. For DPN I prefer birch/wood.
—I don’t like plastic of any material personally.
—The brands I like the best are Knitter’s Pride and then Knitpicks Options.