Favorite joining in the round method?!?!?

What is your favorite method for joining to work in the round?? Is there one that’s better than the others? I’ve always just started knitting and pullling the working yarn tight after the first stitch.

I found this video on YouTube that shows how someone starts her knitting in the round:

But when I tried it, I ended up with 1 less stitch when I knit around to my marker. I am making a poncho and cast on 60 sts for K3, P2 ribbing. Should I cast on 61 instead?? Or is there a better way to join??


Yes, if you’re going to do a k or ptog, you need one extra stitch. that’s how I do it and find it’s pretty neat and even. Or you can swap the first and last stitch - put the one on the L needle on the R, and the end st from the R needle onto the left one.

I use the video you link to in your email. You shouldn’t lose a stitch this way, you just switch the position of two sts, the last st of the round and the first st on the new round. It makes a very nice join.

And I normally just start knitting with no switching around of stitches. There is no one “best” way. You do what works for you.

When I am ready to join in the round, I place a small pillow on my knee and lay the knitting on it so that I can tell if my stitches are all lined up. And it stays there until the round is good and started.
When using dpns, I use the same method, leaving the 3 needles laid out on the pillow in the proper way, then I slightly raise up the 3rd needle, put my empty needle into the last stitch and wrap it with the yarn from the first cast on. I used the pillow to set up the first row and by the second needle everything is quite firm and working like a charm.

Thanks everyone!! I watched the video AGAIN and discovered that I made a mistake in following her instructions!! So, I cast on again and got it right this time!!!

So, now I’m off and running with this poncho! Should’ve been paying more attention the first time I watched it!!