Favorite Inexpensive Yarns

I’m going to be quitting my job as an educator after this school year to homeschool my son, who is Asperger’s. I LOVE to buy mid-priced yarns online, but realize that this may be coming to an end as my budget will have decreased greatly. I typically make afghans, sweaters, and bags. I live close to a JoAnn Fabrics, Michaels, and Pat Catans. What yarns have you used that are pretty good and low in price? Thanks in advance!

I’m not sure what you mean exactly by mid priced, but it’s hard to beat Knit Picks prices online and if you order $45 the shipping is free and if you might save taxes, too.

You mention bags… for felting I use Paton’s Classic Merino. Joanns generally has the best pricing on it sometimes at $3.99 and 4.99 a skein. The skeins have 223 yards so it’s a good value. Their Lionbrand, Bernat, Redheart and Caron pricing is good, too. They only carry the less expensive yarns anyway. I’ve considered other sources like Knit Picks and Patternworks, may try them sooner or later. I guess Joanns is my favorite because if you purchase a certain amount, I think $35, two to three times, it qualifies you for the free shipping. Free shipping means alot to me. The shipments are quick, within a week or less and I have yet to have any complaints on service or what I’ve received. I’m not so sure that they have as much within the stores as they do online… just depends on the area maybe. Hope this helps… Mary

I really like Caron Simply Soft. It’s not feltable, but it’s very soft and comfy.

I second that. It’s only about $3 a skein. I love it. Also I second knitpicks. they have great inexpensive yarns all over the place.

I love knitpicks too…but sadly…being in Canada…no big order saves me the shipping cost cries Although it is worthwhile to buy a bigger order vs a smaller order…cause shipping does not change after $20…

Patons Classic Wool (for felting)
Vanna’s Choice
Red Heart SOFT (not super saver)
Caron Simply Soft

Joanns and Michaels always have coupons so watch for those and Joanns has good sales frequently including online sales with free shipping.

Knitpicks is good and if you order more than $45 it’s free shipping. I’ve only used a few of their yarns though so I can’t speak for most of them.

I also like Bernat yarns, as well as all the yarns mentioned. And if you live near Joanns, they always have something on sale, plus you can sign up to get coupons online.

I like Lion Brand Wool Ease and Cotton Ease too. The wool ease comes in different weights which is nice. I like Paton’s Chunky Tweed a LOT-very soft and pretty colors, and lovely to work with; I usually can find all of these at Michael’s.

I do love Knit Picks too, though. :smiley: I can usually get a lot of nice yarns I can’t find locally at the cheaper craft stores, and for a really good price, too. It may be worth checking out their selection and saving up for a shopping spree once or twice a year. You definitely can get a lot for your $$ there!

Good luck with homeschooling your son, btw!

I’ll second Wool Ease, though I use quite a bit of Simply Soft/Red Heart Soft as well. Of the Wool Eases, I prefer the worsted weight over the other weights. The worsted seems more like a natural fiber while the heavier weights seem more acrylic-y.

I’ve been happy with my purchases from Smileys Yarns online.

Hobby Lobby’s “I Love This Yarn” from Turkey has many fans and it is really inexpensive. Hobby Lobby has some great discounts occasionally.

I use Caron Simply Soft a lot for machine and hand knitting. It’s pretty cheap at our local Wal Mart.

jo-anns rainbow classic is very soft ,has 615yds & is on sale most of the time for $ 6.00 .