Favorite Go To Yarn

I’d love to hear about your favorite go to yarn. Things like size, brand, specific line, even color.

For worsted weight (or WW or size 4) I love all the colors of Red Heart Super Saver (RHSS) and the fact that it is made in the USA, but I dislike working with it. I also dislike that it is almost to the pilling stage by the time the project is finished being made.

I like the way Red Heart With Love feels, again it is made in USA but it doesn’t have as many colors available. I haven’t worked with it enough to know about the pilling factor.

I also like Hobby Lobby’s I Love This Yarn, though it isn’t made in USA, not as many colors and I don’t know the pilling factor.

Lion Brand Heartland is so soft. Haven’t done enough to know what to think of it yet.

For sports weight (baby size 3) I like Paton’s Astra.

I like all kinds of colors. I use to enjoy the multi colored ones very well though lately I prefer solid colors.

What about you?

Maybe Cascade 220 but I love trying new patterns and new yarn.

Hi. I’m very new to knitting but I’ve already used most of the yarns you mentioned!

The Red Heart with Love is very stretchy and I have to be careful of my tension when using it.

I enjoy watching how variegated patterns come out in the project and I like how it masks some of my newby mistakes.

But I can’t wait to start a basketweave pattern scarf and hat in a solid color blue from Lion’s Brand Heartland. :slight_smile:

My favorite go to yarn is Knit Picks Swish, in either one of the weights in comes in sock, sport. DK, or worsted.

My fave is Hometown USA from lion brand…its nice and chunky and works up fast and is super soft and squooshy for being acrylic!:inlove:

I’m loving hearing about all of your favorites. I recently found I cannot work with wool which is very upsetting. If only it had made me just itch I would have switched type of wool, unfortunately it was bothering my throat so I don’t dare to try and continue with it. I hope to find a natural fiber that I like and perhaps even dye finished projects or my own colors. Please keep talking about your favorite yarns. I think it is great. :knitting:

For worsted weight, I like to use Caron’s Pounder yarn!!! They don’t have as many color choices as RHSS but there is over 800 yards in 1 skein!!! It is softer than RH too!! I am going to try Bernat’s Super Value yarn soon to knit an afghan for my nephew!