Favorite FO for little girl

My friend just adopted a little 3 yo girl from Viet Nam. I’ve been dying to knit something for a little girl but have mostly boys in my life. I was so excited to get to knit something pink. I used Marie Grace Smith’s free pattern from Garter Belt called Tater’s Cotton Cardi. Here’s a photo - more on my blog www.knitsawrap.blogspot.com

That is simply BEAUTIFUL!!! :notworthy: :notworthy: :notworthy:

Very beautiful!!

I have a little girl who looks great in purple… you can knit her one just like it if you like. :teehee:

wow… that is stunning. I want to do that pattern for my dd. Was it fun/easy?


That is absolutely gorgeous!!! Love it!


Wow! That is gorgeous! :inlove: :inlove:

ETA: I found the pattern link for anyone who wants it. I did!!

Taters Cotton Cardi

Wow! :inlove:

adorable!! I know what you mean about pink…I have 3 boys and my DH!

That is beautiful!

This is gorgeous. I already downloaded the pattern, but how do you (K1, yo, K1) all in the same stitch? Evidently, you figured it out!

Too cute!! :inlove:

That sweater is really cute! :heart:

:heart: :heart: :heart:

Very cute! I may just have to make one of those for my granddaughter.

Mama Bear

stunning! :thud:

Thanks everyone for the kind comments. Sometimes you just know when something comes out good and this was one of those times. So I appreciate the seal of approval. I just hope it fits!

As to the person who asked how you K1 yo K1 in the same stitch, I know this sounds a bit flip but you just do. It’s hard for me to explain but once you have the yarn in your hand you’ll realize that it isn’t hard. It’s like KFB - knit the stitch and before you take it off the needle, wrap the yarn like you would a regular YO then knit again into the stitch that is still on the left hand needle and then take it off the needle. Not sure if that makes sense but do it and I think you’ll get it.

wow, that is gorgeous!!! This is exactly what i wanna knit my 2 year old :slight_smile:

quick question, any idea if it can be made into a sweater all closed up in the front?

That is adorable!

WOW :inlove: :heart: