Favorite DPNs?

What’s your favorite brand and length of DPNs for making socks and why?

I don’t use dpn’s for socks, I use 2 circulars, but my favorite dpn’s are a tie between Inox and KnitPicks.

ohhhhhh mine has to be my new sock dpn set from knitpicks. so nice and smooth, though the pointy ends are a bit ouchy if you are trying to move stitches that are too tight. I also really like bamboo, but I used my size 2’s so much I had to resand the points.


i like bamboo, but my dog eats them and my kiddo breaks them, so metal is my only fiscally reasonable option

i also like addi dpn’s, but they are pricey and i don’t love love them, so i won’t buy more.

Clover bamboo 5"
KnitPicks 6"

i really like the brittany needles. the wood is so soft and smooth and light. i don’t like knitting socks on metal because i’m scared of dropping stitches. i’ve used bamboo also but i really like the brittany’s. i believe they are 5" long.

I like Clover bamboo (7"). Not hideously expensive. Right amount of grip, don’t like DPNs too slippery. Points are not too pointy.

Second choice are el cheapo Boyes or Susan Bates aluminum DPNs.

Both KnitPicks and Inox are high quality and very inexpensive.

New fave, Knit Picks. I used to work with bamboos but now I hate them. :frowning:

My favorite are Knitpicks 6" DPNs…but when flying, I usually use the
6" bamboo Chiaogoo’s I got cheap from eBay.

Bamboo right now. I use Clover for the most part although I do have some homemade. :wink:

So far I like using 6" Crystal Palace needles. I have used Takumi bamboo but the length is a bit too much for me. Plus the Crystal Palace doesn’t seem to be so easily.

Brittany 5" wooden dpn’s for me. A little slicker than bamboo, but not so slick as metal.

I like the Knit Pick options and will use them on a sock… but I prefer a 5" needle for socks now… I got a pair of Sock Stix by Lantern Moon for my b-day in that length and they are great… I found a brand on knitting zonethough hiya that are cheaper and work just as good…:thumbsup:

KnitPicks are my favorite by far. Just got the new set!

I’m sort of surprised that so many of you prefer the KnitPicks. Since they are metal, I sort of guessed it would be difficult keeping the stitches on the needles. Thanks everyone!

I’ve never had a problem with the stitches falling off. I thought before using them that I would have a problem, but I haven’t.

Crystal Palace DPNS here! 6". They have fairly pointy tips, don’t break and have the right amount of slip/grip.

I also like Pony Pearls - nice and strong, pointy and slippery enough for this loose knitter. They come in different colors for the different sizes. Kind of fun.

I strongly disliked the KP dpns. They seemed very heavy and too pointy and kept falling out of my knitting. They were not good for me.