Favorite Decrease

I am a new sock knitter and have now finished several pairs. Sometimes, not always, the dreaded slip slip knit seems to be a little sloppy. I’ve tried the improved slip slip knit and the slip knit pass slip stitch over. I’m trying to decide which I like best and am wondering what other people’s preferences are and why.

I have found one I think is best for me…SYTK

I use this one when I think of it. :thumbsup:

I’ve got to be careful when I do decreases and look carefully at how they want the stitches leaning because I knit combined and Eastern. I’m going to try this method next time I need it because I hate doing SSK for K2tog.

I guess I haven’t knit long enough to have a favorite. I just do whatever the pattern tells me to. :aww:

The SYTK is used in place of SSK so it’s a left leaning decrease. :thumbsup: For right leaning I prefer k2tog.

Well, I’ve been knitting socks and doing what the pattern says, which is to do the decreases using SSK, but then I realized how sloppy my SSK stitches look n comparison to the K2tog stitches. I did some reading here and on Ravelry and realized a lot of people have the same problem with SSK and use a variety of other decreases to substitute and I was wondering which decreases other people have chosen to use and why.

How does the slip 1, k1, psso decrease look? It’s the same as ssk, but some people think it looks tighter. To keep the ssk tight, just slip the sts to the tip of the R needle, don’t stretch them out. That can help.

I use slip1, knit1, passover more often than ssk. It seem snugger.

On V neck openings, I twist the stitches by realigning them on the left needle. Then knit them together. For whatever reason, it makes a smoother edge than either of the regular left decreases for me.

Yes…I guess I forgot to mention that…K2 tog always for right leaning…smiles

As a followup, I just finished up a sock that I used the skp (sl1, k1, psso) decrease on. I am pretty happy with it because it’s much neater than the ssk stitch. I’m getting better at minimizing gusset holes now too – not perfect yet, but I’m turning out nicer looking socks. Wish I’d known these things when I made my pair from Brown Sheep wool. Still looks nice, I just know where I made mistakes.