Favorite beginings!

I am so excited. And feeling a little dorky. :muah:

I posted a few days ago about holding the yarn in the right hand. I was 3 days into knitting and was feeling lost.

I mastered a scarf with crappy yarn just for pactice.

It was hard, but not so much I got though it and loved it!

This is the one.

[Cable Knit Scarf

It didn’t turn out great, but I didn’t loose a stitch, and didn’t mess up. :cheering: See I am a dork.

What I really want to master is afgans. I am going to the craft store tomorrow to get materials for this one. It seems easy enough.


Yes there is a question in my ramblings. :rofl:

I would love to have some more supplies on hand tomorrow to be able to do some easier afgans. I haven’t messed with circular needles yet. But am going to buy some tomorrow to learn that as well.

This is addictive!!! Is there a pill for the love to knit?

Please send me you favorite afagan easy to learn links.

I am not good yet, but I don’t suck! :muah:

ETA, Merry Christmas! This knitting is becoming a quick addiction and I forgot my manners.

I just made my mother in law a throw for Christmas and it was very simple and easy.

I was trying to follow a pattern but ended up not. so all I did was

CO 110 stitches (depending on yarn and needles) with Lion bran Chenille thick & quick with size 13 needles.

Knit the first 5 rows
then K5 st st 100 K5 repeat for how ever long you want it. if you click on my blog link, there are pictures of it.

Circular needles would be a good thing if you want to make an afghan all in one piece. You knit back and forth on them like straight needles, but you can put a lot more stitches on them and you don’t have to hold them up like you would with straights.


Thanks Sue I do understand that, but not sure I am ready for it.

I need more practice and the best practice I have found is trying. I just want to practice a tad more with reg needles. Easy patterens. Next week after I get my ciruclar needles and play with the cheap stuff I hope I can ask for better patterns and get a feel for circular needles.

I learn by trial and error, and I know what I am ready for. And I will play with the ciruclar needles next week, in between my projects.

Any good begininger afgan patterens that I can get material for in the mean time?

I can tell you that the throw I made for my mother in law… that was my first time on cir. needles, I had started a hat, but didnt finish it until after the throw was done. I think if you just go for it, you will be ok. but you have to do what you feel is comfy to you. that is the important thing.