Fave yarn for Lady Eleanor?

Hey y’all!! Been dying to try the Lady E, since I saw her in Scarf Style … she’s just so elegant. But have been hesitating to use La Lana since I read it’s rather itchy, and my skin just can’t take it.

SWS seems to be popular, as well as Silk Garden. What others have y’all tried?? Any suggestions for one that’s somewhat light(er) in weight, and with looong transitions in color? Non-itchy??

Pics of Lady E’s to ooh and aaah over will be surely appreciated by all! :wink:

My Lady E in SWS is in “Watcha knitting?” forum.

It’s beautiful, and actually what inspired me to ask - I’ve seen many examples, and drooled over them all :wink:

That’s actually one of the prettier colorways I’ve seen Lady E done in - I seem to be leaning towards subtler, longer transitions.

Any other Ladies, please let us appreciate you!! :cheering: