Fave short row heel tutorial?

I’m working on my 2nd toe up sock and was wondering if anyone has a favorite tutorial forl short row heels? I’ve seen lots online and there’s so many to choose from! :slight_smile:

This is a great site with links to directions for all sorts of sock stuff


I’ve had good luck with this one

Actually, if you get the knitpicks catalogue there was a really good one there last month. It was also on line.

I used Silver’s tutorialfor the wrap and Misocrafty’s tutorial for picking up the wrapped stitches.

hmm, I got the catalog, but don’t remember seeing it in there. I will have to see if I can dig it up when I get home!

So… if a pattern calls for a heel flap, can you just change it out for a short row heel or no? Just been wondering

Here is a link to the Knitpicks tutorial