Fauxhawk hat

I just finished my first fauxhawk and frankly, it stinks. I started the main body with some Galway chunky I had in my stash and picked up some Mauch Chunky (Kraemer) yesterday at the LYS to finish it and do the fringe. I was dancing around proclaiming it the coolest thing I had ever made until I went to felt it. I thought the fringe might be a little too long but figured that the felting would take care of that. I felted that sucker until it was too small to fit a 3 month old and the fringe still looked terrible. the ends didn’t felt together, you could still see all the knots clearly and they flopped all over the place. (sorry to babble - no camera to post a pic)

I have felted purses before without any problem - what did I do wrong? Have any of you seasoned fauxhawk makers alter the pattern at all? Maybe I should make the fringe from a thinner yarn - cascade or WOTA? Ths first one was for my son, but I was really excited b/c it was such a quick knit and I have boys on the Christmas list I really wanted to make these for. Any advice is deeply appreciated. Thanks!

Do you have a patter so we could take a look? Not sure how it would be done differently however.

the hat itself was fine - the fringe was a hot mess. The Kraemer yarn I used was very similar to LP in texture - like 1 long twisted ply but I’m very unhappy with how it felted. The hat would have felted away to nothing if I had let it go long enough to get the fringe to look right. All the pics I have seen here on KH have looked like the pic in the book - my fringe was just long shaggy strands, they hardly felted at all.

What book is the pattern in? I’m very curious to see what it’s suppsed to look like. Does anyne else whose made it have a photo of theirs? (off to google it!)


found it!

my, what an interesting hat…!!