Fauxhawk Hat KAL

I totally agree! And I’m glad you found this. We can KAL together! Fun!

most definitely! :thumbsup:

I just went to B&N and they didn’t have Pretty in Punk, but they did have Dominknitrix…so I got it. After reading Zip’s review, it sounded like a good choice.

This will be fun to see how the two patterns turn out. Off to get the yarn later today!:cheering:

Where is that tantrum emoticon when I need it? I WANT MY BOOK! It better show up today!!!

My head is going to spin around and pop off any minute. I just went to check my order and it hasn’t even shipped yet! I ordered on MONDAY! :waah:

It’ll be perfect! :cheering:

Today, I learned that a friend’s gorgeous college-age daughter is currently undergoing chemo for the same illness. So, she’s getting priority over my Depeche Mode fan friend. I’ll have to decide how to either pretty it up or otherwise goofy it up for her.

CI: Chrissie Hynde called and said for you to stop your sobbin’. :wink:

It’s more difficult than a scarf, and less so than a sock. Do it! :cheering:

I too have a friend undergoing chemo for Hodgkin’s Lymphoma at the age of 28. I have already made her two hats and I am making two more. I have made all of mine in some sort of cotton so that her head wouldn’t get too hot and the yarn wouldn’t scratch her scalp.

She really liked the mohawk hat, but it is wool/mohair. I am seriously thinking of knitting the cap part in a cotton and making the mohawk in the wool/mohair blend so it felts

This just came to me, I don’t know how the KAL usually work, but it would be cool if people showed us the yarn they bought for their hats! Then we can picture what the hat might look like.

Pammie, Love your avatar!!!

Isn’t it strange how Pammie, Zip and I are all from San Diego and we all know someone who is undergoing chemo for Hodgkin’s Lymphoma at the same time. Do you think that is a weird coincidence?

I showed my husband a pic of this hat yesterday (he’s a HUGE Depeche Mode fan) and I don’t think he really thinks I am going to knit him one… Just wait 'til he gets back in November and I have it done for him! :rofling:

(He’s deployed to Iraq right now, was supposed to get back next month, but extended 3 extra months… :frowning: )

The hat will be such a great surprise for him when he gets back!!:cheering:

[B]CarmenIbanez[/B] - That totally sucks that your book won’t ship until Monday! I’d be annoyed for sure. How about this emoticon? :ick: Or one of these guys ? :tap::hair:

:rofling: Awesome Avatar [B]Pammie[/B]!

[B]Jille[/B], I agree that this will be a great hat for you DH’s grandson.

[B]IBAmyB[/B], who wouldn’t want to come back to a fauxhawk hat? :lol:

The library says my book is in shipped status, so hopefully it will get there tomorrow or Saturday!!

I’m up for posting my yard…sort of like a before and after shot? Before fauxhawk…blobs of sad yard… After fauxhawk… happy rockin’ yard!!!

Actually that really does worry me. Why is that?

I received an email that it is supposed to ship today. So maybe I’ll have it by Monday?

For sure we should post all the way along in our projects. Usually people put up pictures of their yarn and then pictures periodically throughout the project. It is nice to document it because others can vicariously enjoy, or later, look it up to see how they are doing compared to others’ work in progress!

Pammie: You made the one from pretty in punk, it the hat part two layers, or just one?

It is freaky that we all know someone with cancer and they are so YOUNG. My friend Jenn is from and lives in Georgia (her brother and I were on the drumline together in high school there), so it isn’t a San Diego thing…I hope…

Thanks for the compliment on the avatar, everyone…I have been thinking of what to use here…and what better than that crazy picture of me wearing my “Betsy Ross” fauxhawk hat! LOL

Carmen, the hat is kinda created in three steps…you knit each side, sew them together and then create the mohawk.

BIG HINT: The book has you starting the hat from the bottom and picking up stitches to then make the ear flaps. Alyce said they have changed the way they make the hats since the patterns went to the printers. They now suggest starting at the top and knitting down, therefore no need to pick up stitches to create the earflaps…the hat and ear flaps are one…

This will make more sense when you see the pattern!

I totally get what you mean. Is there an updated version of the hat pattern in the book now, or do you email to them to get corrections?

:ick: :wall:

I can’t believe it! I was all set to pick up Domiknitrix at the library, but it was closed! I thought I knew the Saturday hours, but apparently not.

I won’t be able to get the book or get started until next Saturday as I’ll be out of town this upcoming week

Oh bummer! Well who knows if my book will ever show up in the mail. I know all you guys are rooting for me, because otherwise we’ll have another four pages of me whining about not having it yet!


I just checked and its not due to be here until the 11th! WHATEVER!

I have the Domiknitrix book and my daughter has been bugging me for the fauxhawk hat… I need to finish the snood first, its for my stepdaughters bday which is the 21st.

Well I just tracked the book and it is only two hours away from me, and today is Sunday, so I am hoping for Tuesday. Pammie: talk to me about yarn requirements. Maybe I can go shopping for yarn now so when the book arrives I can be ready?