Faux wrap neckline sweater?

I saw a photo of a sweater in the new IK - it was an ad for Nashua Handknits. The sweater is short sleeves and it is sort of a v-neck but it’s more of a crisscross v. It’s sort of an empire shape as the v stops just under the bust and then the pretty lace body starts from under the bust. Anyway, I know I can duplicate something similar but can’t seem to find a pattern for how to do the neckline. Any ideas? suggestions?


I have a pattern somewhere that I bought last year sometime - it sounds VERY similar to what you’re describing except that it has ribbing below the bustline instead of lace. It has options for long sleeves or cap sleeves. Unfortunately I have no clue where the pattern is but I plan to sort through all my knitting mess today and if I come across it, I’ll take a pic and post it and if you want it, I’ll mail it to you. :hug:

Here’s a pic of the sweater…

That is very close. That would definitely work! Where did you get the pattern?

It’s a Patons pattern that I first found online in quite a few places, and then eventually tracked down at my LYS where I bought it. I can’t find it anywhere online anymore so I wonder if it’s not in print anymore.

I’ve heard that Patons Katrina has been discontinued. It’s no longer listed on their website anymore, at any rate. That may be of it. :shrug:

Drat. Just went over the Paton’s sight and even looked through their back pattern books. No dice. Oh well, guess I’ll just wait for that other pattern to be released. Thanks though.

Did you get my pm??

Yes, I did. Did you get mine?