Father's Day : woolease socks or a hat?

I can’t decide what to knit my dad for Father’s Day and I was wondering if I could get advice. :slight_smile:

The decision is between using Woolease worsted for some socks (I guess they would be like slipper socks, with a worsted weight, right?), or a hat.

The socks wouldn’t be that useful because they would be thick. But the hat is out of season. :?? I don’t think I have time to knit him socks with regular sock yarn (I’m a slow knitter and I only have about 20 minutes a day or so to knit in).

Which would you do and why? Please help me decide. I really want to give him a gift that’s useful.

I wouldn’t do socks out of Wool Ease. Slippers would be a better bet. Socks out of worsted weight yarn develop holes quite quickly, and Wool Ease in particular gets pilly and rough with wear. What about doubling it and making a throw for his bed or the couch with big needles?

How about a pair of clogs? Those are wearable almost all the time. If I had to choose between the two, I would choose the hat.