Fat Bottom Bag

This is the fat bottom bag from Happy Hooker which I finished a couple weeks ago. This is my first crochet FO. I also posted about this in my blog here. :slight_smile:


Very cute. I crocheted one of these and half sewed in the lining. But I hate sewing and I’m not good at it. So it’s been waiting to be done for over a year now. :oops: Yours looks great and so practical. Great first FO!

That is so cute! I really love your sewing job on the inside. I knitted a clutch and my sewing job was terrible. Great Job!

Thanks ladies! Well, there’s a reason why my pictures are so small. Me and sewing aren’t exactly buddies so there’s no way I was gonna post a close-up on the lining! :lol:

Beautiful job! I haven’t crocheted in years but after seeing this bag, I’m tempted to get out those hooks again. Thanks for sharing.

I love it, I think I’m going to try that in red with a black lining. You’ve done a marvelous job, was it difficult sewing the lining in? did you do it by had or machine? I’ve never seen a lining to something I’ve knitted or crochet, I tend to avoid the pattern if it needs that!

I think red with black lining will look fantastic. I may have to steal your idea and make another one for myself. It may be possible to use the bag without a lining but the bag may stretch or small items like keys may poke out of the bag. Can be quite a bother, I suppose. I did the lining by hand with the help of this tutorial.

That’s wonderful! I’m going to make me one of those!!

Beautiful Bag, Lissie!!

You have shamed me into lining my bags from now on! LOL :lol:

Great work! It looks awesome!

I did it! I made one. :slight_smile: Here are some pics

I love this bag SO much! Are the other projects in Happy Hooker this nice?

They are nice. A lot are hip and trendy I think…which I’m not! LOL There are a few I’ll make but not all of them - which can be said of almost any book I think.

Very nice, Robyn! I love the lining! So what will be your next HH project?

This is a beautiful bag, but I have a question. How do you keep your things from falling out? The purse I use has a zipper…I think I’d want a zipper or snap or all my stuff would be falling everywhere…if I dropped it, or it fell on its side.

You did a nice job!


I’m not sure what my next project will be yet. I did buy a magnetic snap for my next one. Not sure how to put a zipper in.

I wanted to put a magnetic snap in mine too but I couldn’t find a single one in the biggest craft store we have. :rollseyes:

I just wanted to say your pictures are fabulous! Are you a photographer also? Do you use a digital camera? I was trying to copy your photo angle with my digital camera and one of my FO’s but it did not look good at all! Are you using a special program to soften the edges of the photo? The really look good! :woot:

Thanks! Nope, I’m not a photographer. :slight_smile: Yup, I’m using a digital camera, more specifically a DSLR which allows me to change the settings manually (in this case, the aperture settings) to get the sort of focused foreground blurred background look.

I love both of the bags!

Hmm, I might actually try to make my own perfect purse one day… these are very inspiring!