Fat Bottom Bag -- it's the pattern!

I’ve attempted the fat bottom bag from Stitch N’ Bitch Crochet half a dozen times now (if not more). I never can even get past the first row of the pattern.

The pattern says to chain 18 (which I did, loosely). Then to do a hhdc in the 3rd chain from the hook (you don’t include the loop on the hook has always been my understanding. Is that correct?). I did that. Then it carries on to the very last line of row 1, which is to hhdc in each of the last 5 sts.

The problem??? There aren’t FIVE stitches left to crochet into!! I don’t understand where I’m going wrong. I only have 2 sts left to crochet into. Am I doing something wrong at the beginning where it says to hhdc into the 3rd chain from the hook?

I just cannot, for the life of me, figure out why it doesn’t add up. I can’t possibly crochet into the last 5 sts when there are only 2 sts left to crochet into. :??:whoosh::shrug::gah::hair:


there is an errata page somewhere… with the corrections…

basically i wrote them in my book:
ch2 at beginning of row counts as stitch. skip 1st stitch of ea. row and work in turning chain at the end of row.

for row one… as the pattern reads: hhdc in …blah blah …, that part is fine… it is the part that reads: hhdc in each of the next 4 ch, SHOULD READ: in each of the next THREE chains!!!
That’s it… hope it makes more sense now.
buena suerte!

Here is the link to the Stitch N’ Bitch Happy Hooker Errata:

For the FAT-BOTTOM BAG it reads:

“Note: Ch 2 at beginning of each row counts as a st. Skip the first st of each row and work in the turning ch at the end of row.”

“Row 1: Hhdc in 3rd ch from hook, hhdc in each of next 3 ch, 2 hhdc in next ch, hhdc in each of next 5 ch, 2 hhdc in next ch, hhdc in each of last 5 ch, turn – 19 sts.”


aha!!! I’ve got it now (so far). I’m on the 6th row or something like that… (rows 4-14) that you repeat over and over with the increases.

So hopefully it will work from here on out. I ripped that thing out dozens of times and it never made sense after just the first row. But now I’m into it and it’s working now. :slight_smile: Woohoo!!

Thanks for the help (and letting me vent my frustrations LOL)

So happy I could help :yay:

Love to see the finished result on Knitting Help!

YAY!! So glad you got it figured out. Those errata can be such a pain, especially when you don’t even think to check for errors on-line…something I’ve done on more than one occasion and then wondered why things weren’t working out!

I sure hope that it comes together for you now. Can’t wait to see the finished product!.