Fastening cast on end as you go when making picot edge

Two questions in one week! This is a first for me.

I can’t figure out what to search for on the web, so maybe someone can help. There is a way to knit in the folded-up cast on edge of a piece in with the next row as you go with picot edging. Do I just knit the two stitches together from both layers? Are there instructions on the web somewhere? I need help please.

I would like to do this instead of having to sew the hem up later.

Yes, I am familiar with this technique (first saw it on an episode of Knitty Gritty[DKNG-212: Sassy Sweater]), I really like how the hem comes out still neat without having to sew it up later. Here is the link to the video I think you wanted. HTH.,1979,HGTV_49380,00.html


PS. There is a commercial first so be patient and then you will see the instructional portion.

Thanks, that works for me!

I also found this info -