"fasten off"

Please advise! I’m knitting a hat and have 8 stitches left on the needle after following the last line of the pattern. Now it simply says, “Fasten off.” There are no further instructions. What exactly should I do? This isn’t another way of saying “bind off” is it?


For the top of a hat, they usually have you cut the yarn and thread a tapestry needle with it. Then put the yarn through the loops as you take them off the needle and pull it tight like a drawstring.

After that, what I do is poke the needle down through the center of those stitches and weave it in on the inside.

Did you knit it flat or in the round? Usually when you have just a few stitches left, you cut the yarn, leaving a good 12 inches or so, put it on a tapestry needle, and thread it through those few remaining stitches, and pull the hole closed, and then weave in that tail. If you knit it flat, I’d seam it up first, then when I got to those last few stitches, close them up in that manner.

Thank you both for your suggestions! :slight_smile: I knitted it flat, so I’ll try seaming it first.

You might, if it’s not too late, cut a longer piece, bring it through the top stitches and then seam with that.

That’s how I like to do these types of finishes… thread the end of the yarn through the stitches first, then seam up with it.