Fast Question About Yarn Over

I’ve just started knitting and I’ve been trying to make a scarf. I want to use a yarn over stitch, I know how to make it on the first row, but I’m unsure of what to do with the extra loop. I think I’m just over working it, but I want to be sure before I continue. Thanks so much.

You would just knit that yarn over like a regular knit stitch on the next row.

Of course, this is an increase, so either before or after, you might want to knit two together, which is a decrease. It would help keep the stitches even across the row without you gaining more than what you would want.

unless, of course, your aim is to make a shape that gets wider as you knit - like: \ / then you would just do the yarn overs.

But yes - on the next row you will knit (or purl) that loop.