Fast Baby Blanket

Hello! I need to knit a baby blanket for a baby that I just found out is due at the beginning of May. In other words, I need a fast but cute pattern for a baby girl blanket! Any suggestions? Thanks!

Here’s a bunch of blanket patterns, I’m sure one will be to your liking. :wink:

KPC - baby blankets

Praise!!! this forum is wonderful. this pattern is SUPER easy!

I used it to make a lap throw for my G-ma and am using it now to make a baby blanket for our new addition.

I did it in Homespun for my G-ma but for baby I am using 2 baby yarns hTOG and its going fairly quick.

Ive got a varitaion of that pattern…it was CO 110 stitches…increased to 120…and the same roe 9 & 10 pattern…to be decreased the row before the final 6 knit rows.

If only I could keep my attention on it for more than 2 rows at a time… :oops: :roflhard: