Fast and easy afghan

Hi friends,

My question is twofold. 1) What are the proper dimentions for an afghan or throw, and 2) approximtaly how many should I cast on if I’m using SuperBulky Woolease and size 15 needles?

I’m just going to cast on and knit the whole thing. It’s for a kid who might not appreciate it at all. I’m going to just bang it out in garter.

I know, I know, knit a swatch, but I’m just looking for a guide.


Kathie, you answered your question. My only answer was going to be the knit a swatch and go from that estimation. Did u look on Lionbrand’s website? They often have quick afghan patterns, as does berocco and bernat. And you can always give the wonderful a look.

Okay, I’ll do it (the swatch), but what should I be shooting for interms of final dimentions?

You can get a general idea about afghan size from this site.