Fashion wide?

ok guys

I have two scarves that I am going to try to make

1)lion brand incredible and red heart super saver mix (shades of blue)

  1. caron simply soft and bernat boa (shades of green)

the question is: how wide should I make these scarves?

I guess it depends on where you live. I love really chunky, long scarves. But I live in New York City. On top of it being really cold in the winter, I have to walk everywhere. If a scarf can cover my whole neck, and even my cheeks and nose if I need it to, that’s a good width. I also need it to wrap around at least twice ussually more if it’s really cold. That way I can cover my neck and cheeks at the same time.

Depends on the yarn and the length and your own taste.
To my eyes, heavy yarns look better in shorter lengths and thicker widths; you want something to tuck into the neckline of a coat, not to tie in a knot. Lighter yarns such as DK weight look good as long, narrower mufflers that you can knot or wrap around your neck several times. Really fine yarns in lacy stitches can be long,thin and slinky. They’re accessories, not warmers. I like to practice new lace stitches on long (5-1/2 to 6 foot) “neck wraps” that are only 4 to 6" wide. You can wrap, tie or fling these in all sorts of ways; they’re just fun to wear.