FAQ...Mysterious extra stitches? Look Here!

Thank you, I’m New at knitting and like so many others I have been picking up extra stitches and can’t figure out why. Your post answered by question. Thank you.


Hi, I use the markers also when I have a lot of stitches to cast on and I place the every 10 stitches instead trying to add them all up from the beginning all the time, this way I just have to count the markers. I also use the markers when I am doing repeat in a pattern in the row as I find this helps, also by doing this I don’t have to try and work out from the beginning of the row where I am supposed to be up to in the pattern. This also helps if you have made a mistake

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**As usual, looking at and reading the pattern itself will give a person more info as to the extra stitches…do that next time, eh? TY!!

So, it’s rather hard to get that many extra stitches …so, you’ve done something ‘not hard’! LOL!!

Guessing: You’re yarn is in the wrong position at times as you do row work…If knitting, your yarn needs to be in back of your work for most English patterns…If purling, your yarn needs to be ‘’’’‘in front’’’’‘of your work…if you don’t adhere to this technique requirement, you will end up with a yarn over (YO) which will add a stitch…and make a ‘’’’‘hole’’’’’ at the same time…this is a legitimate technique, BTW

Do you see holes, too in these rows…rows that are out of place? This is a common thing that new knitters will do…yarn in the wrong place…

So, grab a test project and work your pattern on it…and make sure your yarn is in back of your work when knitting…is in front of the work when purling.

Good luck.

You start with 25 and in 15 rows you have added 15 stitches. A clue right there!!

You are ADDING one stitch every row… what could it be? I see so many beginners do this — I don’t know why — but you are NOT taking the yarn UNDER the needle when you turn. You take the OVER the needle and creating an extra stitch. Yes, we do that later on for some patterns, to create a new stitch, but not yet.

So you need to be careful that you take the yarn UNDER the needle when you turn. I also would count every row just to be sure. It is easier to go back and fix it when you make the mistake than to fix it many rows later.

What a great idea! It would really help with a repeating pattern to see mistakes. I’m going to do this on my next project.

Hi, it could be a few things that when we start we all do.
Try slowing down and making sure you have taken the stitch off the right hand needle. Make sure you cleanly put the left needle through the stitch on the right hand needle and your not splitting the wool making extra stitches. Or it could be the last stitch causing the problem. If you can try putting the first stitch on the left needle without knitting it at all. Hope this helps. Do a few rows and count again. See if any of these help. Keep at it, slow to start but you will get better and quicker once you can see what this issue is. Good luck