FAQ...Mysterious extra stitches? Look Here!


Hi there
I believe that you may be yarning over your needle before you are going into the stitch.


If you knit continental style. It is much harder to knitting tightly. You will also get more even knitting. If you switch, you will never look back.


Thank you, I’m New at knitting and like so many others I have been picking up extra stitches and can’t figure out why. Your post answered by question. Thank you.


Hi, I use the markers also when I have a lot of stitches to cast on and I place the every 10 stitches instead trying to add them all up from the beginning all the time, this way I just have to count the markers. I also use the markers when I am doing repeat in a pattern in the row as I find this helps, also by doing this I don’t have to try and work out from the beginning of the row where I am supposed to be up to in the pattern. This also helps if you have made a mistake