FAQ...Mysterious extra stitches? Look Here!


Well I am happy to see this entry because that is what I am up too also but how so you get back to the amount of stitches that you started with?


You might be able to decrease stitches, not all in one spot or row. Spread them out along a couple rows.


Well I also want to thank you for this thread. It is great to know that I am not alone and thinking I just can’t get this. Now I am just a beginer knitter and really love it.:yay: :muah:


So you aren’t suppose to have extra stitches appear if you started with say 35? So I should probably end this square and start on a new one? This is my first attempt at knitting. It just keeps getting wider and wider and won’t fit on my size 8 needles any more. :x:


Normally no, you shouldn’t end up with more stitches. Some patterns do increase stitches and then decrease on the next row or two. If you’re just knitting a square and practicing you’re probably doing accidental yarn overs or not taking the stitch all the way off the needle so it leaves two loops.


You can keep going and look at all the tips as to why you’re getting extra sts. Maybe decrease some stitches back to the 35, then see if you can keep from adding any. If you were to just start over, the same thing will happen if you don’t figure out why and how not to do it.


Thanks y’all for the help. I went ahead and ended the one I was working on and started a new one. I am paying closer attention to every stitch now. I think I was one of the knitters that was so excited that I was doing it, that I forgot to keep a closer count to the stitches and make sure I wasn’t putting the needle through the wrong hole. Thanks again! :happydance:


ok so now i’m making this cloth http://www.knittingknonsense.com/tennesseecloth.html and all of a sudden when doing my first pearl, an extra stitch appeared with it. i dont get this. i want to work on this cloth so bad but its hard when i get stuck like this. it looks like the yarn is twisted with the extra loop but i put the needle through the correct loop in the first place. ugh!:biting: :biting:


ok so that is weird. the next row in the pattern requires knitting all the way and when i got to the messed up stitches from the first pearl, i stitched together the first two places twisted together and let the 3rd twist off the needle to fall into the pattern and now i have 37 stitches again. weird and i dont even know how it happend:woohoo:


now i’m getting holes in the spots that i let the extra loop go free. i’ve given up on my knitting this cloth for a few days. how do i fix it when i go from knit to pearl to knit. i end up with an extra loops or two where these different stitches connect. when its time to knit the whole next row these extra stitches mess me up and create the holes. how do i fix this? im getting frustrated!:hair: :gah:


You’ve used yarn in making the extra stitches, so when you let them drop, the knitting is loose in those areas. It’s okay, the extra yarn will adjust back into the sts around it when you wash the cloth.

When you switch from knit to purl move the yarn [I]between[/I] the needles not over the top. Bringing it over the top of the needle is what gives you the extra stitches.


Yes, make sure you’ve moved the yarn between the needles and have the yarn in the correct place before making the next stitch.

To knit the yarn must be in the back of the work.

To purl you bring the yarn forward [U]between[/U] the needles and purl the stitch. If the next stitch after the purl is a knit you bring the yarn [U]between[/U] the needles to the back.

I’m not sure what you mean “you let the loop go free”… are you actually dropping the stitch off the needle?


Yes, it seems like she dropped the YO that was made by bringing the yarn over the top of the needle off the needles.


That’s what I was wondering. I don’t think it’ll adjust back in completely though if it was a yarn over. That will always leave a hole.


No, the sts will probably still be a little loose there, but some of the yarn can be worked into the sts on either side. In lace knitting this is what you do if you make a YO where there wasn’t supposed to be one. Of course lace is knit at a lot looser gauge than other things.


I think what is the problem (I made this mistake too :slight_smile: ) is that when you start the first stich there is a strange loop right in front of the stich. If you knitt that loop you will end up with another stich. You have to go [U]behind[/U] it and knitt that stich. Hope this helps! I’m new at this too!

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Thanks for the information… I m trying it now…


Hi Ladies:

I’m new to knitting and to this forum. I’m getting those mysterious extra stitches mentioned in this thread. I understand now that the last stitch has to be oriented down instead of up and over the needle. But now when I pull the stitch down and behind the needle, I’m getting a loose stitch on the back and it won’t tighten up. Any tips?



That first stitch is often loose. The way to minimize it is to knit that stitch and the first 2 after it more tightly than normal at the beginning of that row. This will kind of wrap that loose stitch around the needle for a tighter look.


What I do is work the first st, then pull the yarn a little after, and knit the next couple of sts tighter. That seems to help keep the edge sts nice and even.