FAQ...Mysterious extra stitches? Look Here!

-So if you knit 100 rolls, wouldn’t the edge only be 50 rolls/half the height as the rest, or do you elongate the stitch?

Oh thank goodness I found this site and found this thread! I’ve recently picked knitting up again - it’s mothers day here in the UK on March 26th and I wanted to knit a scarf for my mother. I bought a kit with a gorgeous eyelash yarn - it’s a knit one row, knit 2 stitches purl the rest then knit the last two.

Well I started the project and it was coming out to look like a wonderful fur scarf. Then the horror struck me - I had suddenly increased stitches and knitting the row after purling was a nightmare!

I’ve found this site now, started the drop stitch scarf, and I’ll be revisiting the project scarf for my mother today when I get home. I realise now I was doing the purl stitches wrong and adding an extra loop - hence the additional stitches!

Can’t wait to get home and carry on. This site is wonderful I’m so glad I found it!


OK, this might be different than the other extra stitch comment, but I am so new I don’t know! (Hi everyone, thanks for the site!) After casting on, I knit my first row. When I get to that last loop on my “casting-on” needle (uh, I also don’t know terms too well yet) to knit it, it has become a huge loop and if I just knit on, it makes a very lose stitch that I can’t pull tight on my knit row. Does this happen to anyone? Maybe I will try to include an image later (when I get out of work and back to knitting!)

I posted about the big loop at the end of my row. I figured it out! for anyone else who may be brand new and also having this problem: I was pulling my stitches way too tight. So now what I do is knit 2-3, and then kind of pull on my knitting that I just did (as suggested above to straighten out the yarn) and it works! SO thanks for the suggestion, and now I finally got past a row! Yay, project!


-I did the exact same thing when I was young and someone pointed it out to me, finally. You can see it in your work if you know what to look for. When looking at the stockinette stitch (right side of sweater) the little loops that are going up on top of each other should not make a cross over at the bottom where they sit on top of the stitch below them. They are more like an upside down letter ‘u’ with a tight neck.

I’ve only been knitting for a couple weeks now and I noticed that I had this problem with accidentally adding on extra stitches. This post has been so helpful! I was wondering if there was any way to correct my extra stiches without unraveling all of my rows because I have no idea where it might have happened. Is there anyway I could combine a couple stiches to even it out or am I stuck with my extra stiches? Please help! :notworthy:

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well if it isn’t a lot, you can always knit two stitches together. you can see the video clip of how to do that here …it is the first video at the top left. Do it as gradually as you can…meaning if you have, for example, four extra stitches, don’t do all the K2tog stitches at the same time or they will be obvious…how many extra stitches do you have?

—You may be knitting too tight and causing your fingers too much pulling stress. When you purl, be sure that you are bringing the yarn thru the 2 needles from the top toward the bottom, not up from the bottom toward the top. If you are bringing it from the bottom up, it will cause the stitch to be twisted on the needle and harder to knit the next row. Or because your fingers are so sore, it could just be they are way too tight. Check both for tightness and wrong yarn direction when purling.

is there any way to fix the extra stitches later n in the work?

i always just knit two stitches together… if there aren’t too many of them it would be fairly unnoticable…i just wouldn’t do it on the outside stitches…one or two in! :wink:

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I too am having trouble after purling. My finger tips kinda of hurt so I have to take a break.

I think some of mine were after I pulled the stitch through the loop I forgot to take one stitch off of the right needle. So basically I knitted the same loop twice. I slowed down and it isn’t happening anymore.

The marker is a great idea though. I am working on a project that has 110 cast on and it it frustrating to have to recount them each time I finish a row to make sure I don’t have extras.

I’m working on my first scarf now, and somehow it grew from 25 stitches to 32 stitches wide. :slight_smile: Eventually I figured out what I was doing: my yarn is Lion’s Brand Wool-Eze, and it can get pretty fuzzy and fluffy. So I’d have between-stitches parts sticking up, and I’d be worried that they were actual stitches I’d dropped! :slight_smile: Easy mistake, but also easy to avoid if you watch where you put the needle.

ah, this hapenned to me at my very first knitting…
then i analyzed it…
my end stitch was always not too tight and it’s like pulled up (or above, you say it?) (imagine the needle is facing you horizontally)…that ‘pulled’ position created a ‘looked like’ ‘addition’ to the stitch…and it caused me mis-knitted everytime that i use this ‘addition’ as my first stitch which i shouldn’t.

i made solution that i use the stitch at the back of the needle (remember the needle’s position) as my starting point…i always make adjustment for the untight stitch first.
i always do this, i pull the yarn to the back and make sure that pulled up stitch doesn’t show up or just make it to similar form of the stitch one row below.
then, i look at the singel stitch at the back of the neddle and that’s my my starting point for my next row.

i do that and there’s no addition anymore…
i hope my explanation is helpful (and understandable since english is not my native languange)…i’m a beginner myself and that’s the trick of my own.

ah, thanks for the tips for hurt finger…mine is too…now, every morning i wake up, i feel my thumbs like cramp (is that how you spell it?) or stiff…
sometimes, i just look at my finger confusely and thinking, 'what is happening to you?"

:happydance: [color=green]I just taught myself how to knit last night, and discovered to my dismay that in just a few rows I had added 5 stitches!! I will try these tips and see how I do. I am so glad I found this site! I am sure I will be referring to it frequently. If anyone has any tips for beginners, please feel free to share - I would love to hear from anyone who might have advice![/color]

This Mysterious extra stitches must be pretty comon with us beginners lol…

I too just started knitting for the first time and I am moving very slow and counting each stitch only to find extra’s when I recount :pout: It’s driving me crazy :wall: I am beginning to wonder if I’ll ever get the hang of this :verysad:

But I am so glad to have found this thread and I am going to really watch my stitches now.

I want to do this so bad! I want to make a sweater…even a funky looking loopsided sweater …at least I can say I did it! Prefect would be great though…lol

The more you knit, the more you can recognize mistakes as they happen. Just keep going! :cheering:

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:teehee: :happydance: I saw it, I saw the Mysterious extra stitch form right before my eyes . I saw it twice!! See, if you slow down and really concentrate and watch each stitch you’ll see it too!

I used someone’s advice to use makers and it has helped so much ! Thank you whoever you were.

My finger tips hurt too! is that normal? I don’t think that I have purled yet? I think I’m doing a Garter stitch? it’s the first thing that I learned and I have been using it to practice getting the rhythm if that makes any sense… and trying to avoid the Mysterious extra stitches . Doing less froggin but I know that can change at any givin moment! :teehee: My goal is to one day make this ‘Seattle Bound Vest’ I saw it in this Basic Knitting book I just got , and I love the look and color. Maybe after a couple 100 scarfs ,I’ll be ready for something like that.! :eyebrow:

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Hi, I’m new too. First time I tried I was increasing 1 stitch every other row or more because I was excited and wanted to finish it. What I did was knit slower first and count every stitches in every row until I didn’t make any more extra stitches. :happydance: But i like the idea of putting a marker. The tip of my finger was also hurting I think it has a callus already… :teehee: Thanks to all your advices too!


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Good morning! What I’m going to say might be what some of you have already said, but I’m not understanding you. So I’ll give it a try anyway, and hope you can understand what I’m TRYING to say. Please forgive me if I’m just repeating what has already been said.

This is all new to me, too – isn’t it wonderful to have this great site to come to, for help??? – and I’ve noticed what I’m doing that is picking up extra stitches.

When I knitted or purled a stitch, sometimes I wasn’t sliding the old stitch (the one I was knitting into) entirely off the left needle, so it was sliding over to the right needle and looking like another stitch on there. Then when I got to the end of the row and turned and started back, there was that loop, looking like just another stitch and getting knitted into. Make any sense at all?

Okay, after my mistake-ridden house dishcloth, today I’m going to try the Petals dishcloth. I LOVE the incredibly helpful videos on this site!!!