FAQ....Is your STOCKINETTE CURLING? Here's the solution!


I found today that if I knit by bringing the yarn from back of the needle to the front it wasn’t as loose as if I did it the other way around which is my usual way of knitting. I hope that makes sense.


I’m knitting a bi-color scarf, and I’m using cotton and acrylic. Will blocking work? I’m doing a border, but it still curls!


Sugarfunpouch I answered in your other post.


im doing a scarf and the pattern says to use double pointed needles or knit plan and seam…So if I knit flat it will curl…but how do I seam??


Can you give us a little more info on the pattern?


I tried reading this but it is a lot of pages. One of my advanced knitting friends may have found a way to help with this that I haven’t seen posted on here, or if it is, I overlooked it.

She borders all stockinette patterns with 5 sts of K on both ends and 2 rows of K top and bottom. She starts after CO with 2 row k before she starts her pattern, and ends with 2 rows K.

This may affect some patterns, and she is an advanced knitter so I know she does some adjusting on some patterns a little to keep sizes and guages correct, but if it ends the curling as I have seen it end it on her projects it seems it would be worth the little extra time to adapt.


Row 1-5: K
Row 6: K5, P across, K last 5
Row 7: K5, K across, K last 5
Row 8: K5, P across, K last 5

Is that correct? Just not feeling froggy today.

thanks in advance!!! :knitting:


It could be the yarn or just the way it was made. But i doubt it was your mistake its probably the yarn

-thank me if i helped :blush:


I’m not a complete newbie but I’ve managed to avoid st st in nearly all of my projects. If the pattern says to work 3 rows in st st does that mean purl, knit, purl or (purl, knit), (purl, knit), (purl, knit)? Is “one row” of st st purl the whole row and then knit the whole row?


One row is one row across. 3 rows of stockinette would be knit a row, purl a row, knit a row or purl a row, knit a row, purl a row, depending on where you need to start.


I’m a relative newby and maybe I can put in my 2 cents worth and help someone.

I have many st st patterns that say to slip the first and last sts knitwise or purlwise according to which rown you are doing. This has always worked for me. Likewise the garter stitch border, especially when it is part of the design already. And I have found that the items I’m knitting with the fur/eyelash yarns do not curl. I’m doing a scarf in one now and it’s flat as a pancake as far as not curling and really lush because of the type of yarn. :hug:


I found an interesting shawl pattern in Odd Ball Knitting. There are 3 sts in stockinette at each edge, the middle of the shawl is knit in garter. The stockinette doesn’t curl.


I’m working on a scarf and mine rolls up something fierce, hehe. I was thinking of adding a couple rows of single crochet all the way around, you think that might work? I will finish the scarf, try that and let you all know.


Thanks ,this was very helpful!!:thumbsup:


Ok, this may already have been answered here, but I’m making a scarf. I purl eight, knit eight, and purl eight, and then every sixth row, I cable the knit stitches. I’m a newb. Anywho, my purled sides keep rolling inwards towards the cable. Is there anything that I can do to it now to fix the rolling, or do I have to start over and do something like: 3 knit, then 8 p, 8 kn, 8 p, and then 3 knit? Your help would be great!


It could be that it’s supposed to curl to form an edging around the cable? If you don’t like it though, and you’re willing, a garter stitch edge would help tremendously.


Will a lace pattern that based in st st curl? you know one that has purl side and knit side…

I’ve done these before but it’s always had a garten stitch boarder, I’m just not sure if it was for the nice way a boarder looks or to help keep it from curling.

Thanks so much!


Hi - I have been told to knit the first two and last two of a purl row when working in stockinette stitch in order to help it not curl on the sides, but when I do that I always increase the stitches. I’m very new and I’ve done about 5 scarfs just knitting, but I really love the look of the stockinette stitch. Plus I want to move on to other patterns.

Thanks for any suggestions. :slight_smile:


Make sure that you bring the yarn to the back between the needles before you knit the edge stitches. If you keep it in front as you do when purling, you’ll get an extra yarn-over stitch.


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