FAQ....Is your STOCKINETTE CURLING? Here's the solution!


will creating a scarf by alternating a few rows of st and reverse st keep it from curling?


Ok I have a scarf that I am working on. I started with 3 rows of knit and I have an border on each edge of 3 knit stitches. Something is still wrong. It is not really curling. Not like it did w/o the border, but rolling up on itself. More like a tube than a scarf. Will blocking help? I read the article about blocking and still don’t understand. I still have 140 rows before I cast off but if anyone can help me. Please help. This is my first knitting project although I have crocheted for years and years. My Harry Potter scarf is rolling up.


Stockinette is a pretty tought stitch…it doesn’t want to give up the roll very easily. I think that sometimes it does require more than 3 stitches on either side to keep it from rolling. not sure what a good number is though. I am inclined to do a stockinette stitch scarf in the round so that i don’t have to worry about it. :shrug: probably five on each side might be your best bet.

Not sure about reversing the pattern but logically i would THINK that would have to work.


[color=green]My poor scarf! I didn’t realize stockinette curled so badly, but I have about two feet and I don’t want to just quit working on it. It’s acrylic too, so I can’t block it can I? Or would that help? I should have done more border on the sides, but the pattern I was following said to do a 2 knit border so thats what I did. Ah well.

Is there anything else I can do, steaming helped, but a few minutes later it curled back up![/color]


Acrylic won’t hold a blocking, I’m afraid.


if i was that far along i would probably just let it do its thing and then seam the whole thing up, fringe it, and call it good. :slight_smile:


[color=green]I guess thats what I’ll do! I’m experimenting with stripes on this scarf as well. I guess it will be my trial scarf!

When I first started knitting I loaded up on acrylic yarns because they are cheap. But then I got some more expensive yarn and it looks so much nicer than the acrylic stuff. I’ve learned my lesson.[/color]


HELP!!! I am also new to knitting and I created about four projects. I made this long scarf and I used the seed stitch for four rows on the bottom and four stitches on each side. When I pick up the scarf it rolls into a long tube. I have even washed it and pinned it down to dry! So frustrated because it was supposed to be a Christmas gift for a friend. Any ideas?


A single-crocheted edging down the sides may help. I have a scarf I knitted on the knitting machine that has 5 ribbed stitches on each end (still rolls), and that’s what I’m planning for it.


That is almost my exact dilema. and i started this things knowing that st st curls. maybe a crocheted edge will help :shrug: . i’m thinking of just ripping the whole thing out and making a tube scarf instead (problem is i dont know anything about making them. sounds simple enoght though) this scarf is for someone else, so i dont wanna hand them something that look like a fruit roll-up. everybody is like “nooo! u’ve made to much to take all of it out. just unroll it. it will be fine.” what do they know? :roll:


Is it wool or acrylic? Acrylic doesn’t block, though it washes up real well…



i just finished my first sweater in stockinette and the pattern called for me to crochet around tall of the edges, which stopped the curling.


I did the stockinette stitch on the edges of one of my first scarves just for a different look and a raised edge, so it wouldn’t look so plain, that’s when I learned that trick to keep the item from curling. It WORKS! I wondered if it was how other knitters did it.

Should you do the 3 stockinette stitches on the edges of everything? Say a sweater? Or does that really matter since that curled edge will eventually be an inner seam?



i’m a new knitter (and new here), so i’ve been followingdesigns from books so far. i went to make a scarf out of a book called “knit ponchos wraps & scarves” that’s basically a st st scarf with a subtle slanting stripe appearance in the stitches created by purling diagonally one of every sixth stitch of a knit row, then purling the next row- basically this ends up as stockinette with a diagonal purl stripe but as soon as i’ve gotten a few inches into it it starts curling. the book has a pic showing a non-curling scarf but idon’t understand how… looking through the book several other pieces are in stockinette and don’t appear to curl. any idea why? i liked the design. i did use a synthetic blend rather than the silk/wool blend the pattern suggested. could this be why? thanks.

(heres a few lines of the pattern just to clarify:
1:(p1, k5) x5
2: P
3:K1, (P1, K5)x4, p1, k4.
4: P
5:K2, (P1, K5)x4, p1, k3.
6: P

any help appreciated. also, does fetting a wool scarf in st keep it from curling?


I fairly new at it too, and am making some dog sweaters and noticed while following their directions that it hardly curls. The directions call for simply slipping the first stitch (rather than stitching it). So it’s:

Sl1, P to end…or
Sl1, K to end
(or whatever the pattern may be)

The only exception is the ribbing, that goes *K1, P1, repeat from * - that remained unchanged.



Forgot to mention that slipped first stitch method above is PURLWISE, then yarn goes over the work to start KNITWISE (or just keep purling if you’re on a purl row). That really helps alot because the projects curl due to the extra long stitches we tend to get on the first stitch.



FYI, after my last post I was watching some of the videos on this site and noticed the knitter did the exact thing at Basic knitting demo (the first video on the page)…She slipped the first stitches.



what is blocking maggie


I am working on the seamless tank top and just bound off the sleeves. and of course they ae curling like crazy. I crocheted an edge as follows: on the right side and in the back loop only sc1, ch1,skip 1 repeat. I did this on KP shine sport and with a little bit of steaming it laid nice and flat.Ellie :cheering:


also if u start witha knit and then purl it won’t curl