Fancy Smancy -updated w/ *more* Pics

I’m attempting to be fancy in my next spin swap. I spun up merino (betcha didn’t see that coming huh?) and threaded seed beads on crochet cotton. Wish me luck…I’m going to ply the two together.

Tilli Thomas it ain’t…

Oooo good luck! I wanna see when you’re done. I haven’t tried a beaded yarn yet because I’m too anal and am afraid I will run out of beads. LOL Please lemme know how it goes for you!

I just have to confess…

I ordered more miss babs :shifty:

Her wool/silk blends. I hope to spin it in time for my spin swap.

I didn’t spin much of the merino, so I doubt I’ll run out of beads. I’ll be giving it a go in the next few days.

Tilli Thomas it ain’t…but I learned a bit and tried something new…

Oohhhh I think I drooled on my keyboard a little :teehee:
Did you string the beads on a piece of string?

Yes, I used all season’s crochet cotton prestrung with size e glass beads. I got the beads at Wally World, very cheap. I just wanted to play around with an idea.

A great idea would to be spin the wool very fine and string it with beads, then ply it with itself. I want to eventually try this with silk.

For now, I’m just waiting for the Miss Babs…

Oh hey, have you spun the little sample I sent you yet? When you do I wanna see :hug:

last ones…

That’s just goregous!!

Dear Lilli, I really love this yarn. WOW, it is beautiful. How did you get the black so thick? I think this needs to go to the yarn museum!
I also enjoy the beads, this is so calming to see.

That is such a cool idea! It looks great.