Fancy Feast problems

Trying to get consistent information on what to feed animals from vets is like trying to get consistent information from lactation nurses. (I was one for part of my time as a nurse.)

We’ve tried everything in the world for our dog, finally hit on the right combinations, and she no longer has Shrek colored diarrhea.

Back to cats, those small parts that look like bone? I used to find salmon bones in some FF fish formulas. Our cat’s vet said not to worry; asked the vet here, she says not to let cats have it. :eyes:

Thanks everyone for your comforting words. :hug: The vet suggested I give him Pepcid yesterday to see if maybe his tummy was upset and I can’t believe this but it’s helping! He ate almost 3oz yesterday. They get 6oz per day so that’s a huge amount of food that he ate. And this morning he ate quite a bit too. So I’m quite hopeful at the moment.

If you can believe this I actually got his urine last night. The vet said to try putting a plastic bag in the litter pan so I locked him in the room (I was with him) and 10 minutes later he did his business. I can’t believe he actually did it. Granted it was 11:15 last night and I was exhausted but hey, I got his pee! :woohoo:

I’ll be really upset (and [B][I][U]grateful[/U][/I][/B]) if all this turns out to be an upset digestive tract! I’ll get the results of his urine tomorrow morning. I’ll keep you updated. :hug:

Yay for getting cat pee! :rofl: I hope it is something simple like indigestion.