Fan Bookmark

When I saw this pattern on Ravelry, I just loved it. I tried to make it, but to no avail. I picked it up again over the weekend and here it it! It will be such a nice gift for friends and family!

Hi Merry…it’s your number one fan here to say Good Job! Another beautiful project completed! I’m guessing everyone you know will be getting one of these in the near future! Love the variegated thread.


You did a beautiful job, it is just lovely! BRAVO!!

As always love the pics of projects you show. always an awesome job.

Wow-very pretty! :heart:

Your bookmark turned out GREAT! That is the one pattern I have learned to make with thread, and I love it! I have to use a bigger thread and hook than the pattern suggests…#5 perle cotton and a size 5 Boye steel hook (1.90mm). It’s easier on my eyes and hands. I found that thread with the DMC embroidery threads, and it comes in a lot of pretty verigated colors. The bookmark is a little bigger, but it’s still a good size.

I liked the pattern also when I first saw it. Made one bookmark, then decided it would also look pretty worked up with yarn and larger hook for a scarf. Have you thought about that yet?

That looks simply lovely. I’m partial to purple anyways, so you got me with the color alone. Good Job!!!

How pretty!

I also saw on Ravelry, where they were making this same pattern into a scarf! It’s really beautiful!